Get paid, Coinbase to promote Ethereum-backed stablecoin Dai with its Earn program

Coinbase is all set to incentivize the learning of Dai, by paying the users to participate in quizzes and watch videos related to the MakerDAO’s stablecoin. This announcement was made a couple of weeks after the opening of Dai trading to retail customers across its mobile platforms.

According to the latest report, one of the leading digital currency exchange Coinbase has added its sixth token Dai, an Ethereum-based stablecoin to its very own Earn program. The program is based on the model of learning about digital currencies via videos and by answering quiz questions.

The ‘Earn program’ by Coinbase was initially launched in May. Moreover, it is expected that for their attention, the users will be paid more than a hundred million dollars in the form of digital currency. This strategy helped the stablecoin Dai to gain recognition in the crypto market. Reportedly, since February, the adoption rate of the MakerDAO’s stablecoin Dai has shot up at a growing rate of twenty percent.