How Germany crypto regulations have helped Bitcoin adoption

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TL;DR Breakdown 

  • Germany’s Bitcoin adoption rate is high. 
  • Germany is soaring to great crypto heights. 
  • The countries success is due to its regulations. 

How Germany crypto regulations have helped Bitcoin adoption

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Usually, the presence of regulation is frowned upon because many love the freedom that comes with crypto adoption. Cryptocurrencies can help you be devoid of centralization.

Still, the dilemma that faces the crypto industry is that countries that do not know how to regulate cryptocurrency will not permit its adoption at all. The solution for helping Governments and citizens welcome cryptocurrency inevitably is regulation. Germany crypto regulations have been celebrated.

The country is one which is using law as a strategy to promote crypto adoption. 


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Already, Germany has been able to climb up the crypto ladder and push its country to do more with the emerging technology than most could dream. Germany has put through a bill for all-electric securities to expand its blockchain strategy according to its finance ministry.

The nation is well on its way to establishing a useful blockchain framework. Before one runs, one must walk, so let’s take a look a the Bitcoin success that got Germany where it is today. 

Bitcoin adoption 

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The blockchain research lab hosted a survey in Germany of 3,000 participants. Out of the people that participated, 87% said that they knew of Bitcoin.

In comparison to other countries, the Bitcoin ownership rate is 14.1% which is a high level of Bitcoin adoption and is not far from the 19.3% who own stocks. Many German crypto users play the game well and get high returns. On average crypto investors gain by 85%.

The adoption is not yet equal as 69% of its owners are male and are ten years younger than those who do not own crypto. There is also a wealth disparity as the owners earn €400  more each month opposed to non-owners.

BTC adoption is not entirely equal in Germany, but it is still thriving, and crypto regulation is the main reason why. 

Germany crypto regulations 

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The law in place regarding cryptocurrency is called the ‘Act on the Implementation of the Amendment Directive to the Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive’. There is a custody license necessary for crypto users.

Crypto providers, administrators, and safeguards must all have a license. The new act includes all crypto coins. Germany has a whole heap of laws that are yet to be implemented. 

Germany is going from strength to strength because it has found a way to make sure that the crypto world is regulated. By regulating the leading providers of crypto services, you’re finding a way to create a close connection with all the cryptocurrencies.

Many people see Bitcoin as a scam or at least struggle to grapple with the fact it’s an effective way to make money. People need reassurance that crypto is legit and German people are finding that through the Governments Act.

Germany’s case points to the price that must be made for Bitcoin to become mainstream, and there must be a degree of central input across all nations. It is not about working against the Government but with them to highlight the benefits of the crypto world. 

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