Funko Pop Collection Exclusive 2024 Release From Pokémon


  • New Pokemon Funko Pop figures coming in 2024, starting with Lucario at the Pokemon Center this month.
  • Fans expect shiny versions and more starter Pokemon in the Funko Pop lineup.
  • Despite no game news, Nintendo offers discounted Scarlet & Violet with DLC for Pokemon enthusiasts.

Pokémon fans rejoice as a new collection of Funko Pops is set to launch in 2024. With six exciting figures on the horizon, it’s time to catch ’em all! Funko, known for its beloved collectible figures, is showing no signs of slowing down its collaboration with Pokémon in 2024. After a successful year of Pokémon-themed Funko Pop releases in 2023, the company is gearing up to introduce new figures this year.

Funko Pop release at the Pokémon center

The anticipation is already building as the first of these six new Funko Pop figures is scheduled for an exclusive release at the Pokémon Center later this month. Fans eager to identify this mystery Pokémon may have to put their knowledge to the test with a “Who’s That Pokémon” challenge.

Lucario takes the spotlight

The silhouette of the first revealed figure leaves little to the imagination—it’s none other than the popular Pokémon, Lucario. However, fans are speculating that this Lucario might be distinct from the one already available. A shimmering sparkle surrounding the silhouette hints at something special.

Pearlescent makeover: what to expect

Speculation is rife that this new Lucario Funko Pop could be part of the pearlescent variety. Funko has previously given several Pokémon Pops a pearlescent makeover, with Eevee and Mewtwo being among the latest additions. Furthermore, all six Pops currently exclusive to the Pokémon Center share this pearlescent quality.

Who’s next in line?

With five more figures yet to be unveiled, Pokémon enthusiasts are already speculating about who might join Lucario in this exciting Funko Pop lineup. Following the success of Umbreon’s first-ever Pokémon Pop in 2023, a flocked version quickly followed. Could an Eeveelution complete the hat trick in 2024?

There’s a high probability that another starter Pokémon or two will make their way into this collection. Oshawott and the shiny version of Scorbunny are potential candidates that fans have their eyes on.

More excitement in 2024

Despite the hush surrounding the next Pokémon video game release, fans can look forward to an exciting 2024. Nintendo’s silence on future game developments may be due to its anticipation of the Switch’s next chapter. In the meantime, fans can enjoy discounted bundles of Scarlet & Violet, complete with all DLC.

The Pokémon and Funko Pop collaboration continues to be a source of delight for fans worldwide. With a promising lineup of six new figures, including the enigmatic pearlescent Lucario, collectors and enthusiasts have much to look forward to in 2024. While the world awaits further announcements on the Pokémon video game front, the fun and excitement of the Pokémon universe remain as vibrant as ever.

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