FTX’s Investment in Anthropic Sparks Controversy Amidst OpenAI Merger Speculations


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  • FTX’s $500M stake in Anthropic raises questions about potential mergers.
  • Dario Amodei’s rejection of OpenAI CEO role hints at industry dynamics.
  • Legal concerns cast a shadow over Anthropic’s $500M investment.

In a recent development within the tech and AI industry, Dario Amodei, CEO, and co-founder of Anthropic, a company backed by cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has declined a merger offer from OpenAI. This offer followed the termination of OpenAI’s former CEO, Sam Altman, and included a proposition for Amodei to take the helm as the new CEO of OpenAI. 

While details about the proposed merger remain limited, the decision to decline the offer sheds light on the dynamics within the artificial intelligence sector and the growing influence of cryptocurrency-backed companies.

According to a report by The Information, a reliable source with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed that OpenAI’s board of directors extended an offer to Anthropic’s CEO, Dario Amodei, regarding a potential merger. 

This offer came in the wake of Sam Altman’s departure as CEO of OpenAI, creating a leadership vacuum within the organization. To sweeten the deal, Amodei was also offered the position of CEO at OpenAI, replacing Altman. However, Amodei ultimately declined both the merger and the CEO position.

The exact details of the merger proposal remain undisclosed, and it is unclear whether the offer led to any substantial discussions. The Information report did not provide specific reasons behind Amodei’s decision, but it was noted that his existing role at Anthropic played a significant role in his choice to decline the offer. The report also mentioned that Reuters had independently confirmed the offers and their subsequent rejection, citing information from individuals familiar with the matter.

FTX’s Involvement

FTX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, made headlines when it purchased a stake in Anthropic, which was reportedly valued at $500 million. This significant investment took place before Anthropic filed for bankruptcy in November of the previous year. As of now, the bankruptcy trustee appointed for FTX’s case has yet to sell the stake in Anthropic. The outcome of this stake sale could have substantial implications for FTX, Anthropic, and their respective stakeholders.

Anthropic has recently engaged in several fundraising efforts, generating optimism among FTX creditors who hope for a more substantial payout if the stake in Anthropic is eventually sold. However, it’s worth noting that the U.S. Department of Justice has alleged that the $500 million investment in Anthropic in 2022 was sourced from customer funds, raising questions about the legality and legitimacy of the transaction.

This ongoing legal issue adds complexity to the situation and may impact the outcome of any potential merger or stake sale involving Anthropic.

The growing intersection of AI and crypto

The intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency has become increasingly pronounced in recent years. Companies like Anthropic, backed by cryptocurrency exchanges like FTX, have gained prominence as they explore the development of AI technologies in various applications, including finance, data analysis, and more.

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