FTX loses $53,000 every hour on bankruptcy fees


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  • According to a court filing, FTX is losing about $53,000 every hour on bankruptcy fees.
  • A closer look at the numbers behind the fees.

FTX, a once-prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has found itself grappling with substantial financial challenges, as unveiled by recent compensation filings. Over the three months leading up to October 31, the exchange reportedly incurred significant expenses, burning through approximately $53,000 every hour on bankruptcy lawyers and advisers.

FTX court filings shed light on the financial situation

Court filings spanning from December 5 to December 16 shed light on the financial intricacies of FTX’s situation. Bankruptcy lawyers amassed a total of at least $118.1 million for services rendered between August 1 and October 31. This equates to an average of $1.3 million per day or a staggering $53,300 per hour over the 92 days. Of note, the highest bill emerged from the management consulting firm Alvarez and Marshall, which charged an eye-watering $35.8 million for its services during the three months.

Securing the second position in terms of charges was the global law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, accumulating fees totaling $31.8 million. The hourly rate for Sullivan & Cromwell’s services averaged $1,230 per hour, reflecting the high stakes and complexities involved. Additionally, global consulting firm AlixPartners invoiced $13.3 million for professional services related to forensic investigations during the same period. Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan followed closely with a charge of $10.4 million. The cumulative billings from several smaller advisory firms amounted to over $26.8 million.

A closer look at the numbers behind the fees

A revealing post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by a pseudonymous FTX creditor, dated December 17, suggested that the total legal fees fully paid since the initiation of the FTX bankruptcy case reached approximately $350 million. This substantial figure underscores the magnitude of the financial burden associated with navigating the complexities of cryptocurrency exchange insolvency. However, a report filed on December 5 by the court-appointed fee examiner, Katherine Stadler, added a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Stadler identified “significant areas of concern” with the billings submitted by larger advisory firms, including Sullivan & Cromwell and Alvarez & Marshall, between May 1 and June 31. The report highlighted various issues, including seemingly top-heavy staffing, apparently excessive meeting attendance, fees related to non-working travel time, and various technical and procedural deficiencies in some time entries, including vague and lumped entries. The financial struggles and legal intricacies faced by FTX underscore the broader challenges within the cryptocurrency industry.

Regulatory uncertainties, coupled with operational issues, can lead to substantial legal expenses during bankruptcy proceedings. As the situation unfolds, stakeholders within the cryptocurrency community closely monitor developments, hoping for a resolution that balances the interests of creditors and the broader ecosystem. The financial saga surrounding FTX serves as a stark reminder of the volatility and uncertainties inherent in the cryptocurrency landscape. As legal proceedings continue, the industry watches with keen interest, recognizing the potential implications for future regulatory frameworks and the overall stability of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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