FTX bankruptcy deadline draws near: A comprehensive look

FTX bankruptcy deadline draws near A comprehensive look

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  • FTX users face an urgent September 29 deadline to file claims against the crypto exchange, with trader Peter Brandt leading the awareness campaign.
  • As the bankrupt crypto exchange battles financial challenges, Coinbase seeks European growth but faces roadblocks in its acquisition plans for FTX Europe.

The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to volatility, not only in terms of prices but also in its businesses. In recent events, FTX, a renowned crypto exchange, finds itself entangled in a complicated bankruptcy case, prompting users to act swiftly before a crucial deadline. This article delves into the tumultuous situation surrounding FTX, the figures that stand out in the drama, and how other exchanges, like Coinbase, are navigating these uncertain waters.

The impending deadline: Urgent call to action for FTX users

Astute trader Peter Brandt, a key figure in the crypto trading community, has recently raised the alarm for all former FTX users. Highlighting the critical “claims bar date” scheduled for September 29, 2023, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Brandt’s intent is clear: make exchange users aware of their last chance to file claims against the crypto exchange’s estate. This date is not just symbolic but holds concrete implications for users who have assets tied up with the exchange. Any delay or neglect in addressing this can potentially lead to financial losses.

Guided by Brandt’s message, users must turn to a dedicated customer claims portal designed specifically for this purpose. While initiating the claims process, it’s imperative that customers declare their claims in U.S. dollars and be clear about the nature of their preferred asset, whether it’s cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or even an NFT.

Unraveling FTX’s financial quagmire

FTX’s path has been fraught with challenges, especially when it comes to tracing and recovering billions in lost assets. Among the significant developments is the exchange’s lawsuit against its former employees from Salameda, wherein FTX aims to reclaim a whopping $157.3 million.

Salameda’s ties with FTX run deep, primarily through its association with Sam Bankman-Fried, the embattled figure at the heart of the FTX saga. Based in Hong Kong, Salameda has strong connections to various FTX divisions, encompassing sectors such as charity and life sciences. However, the complications don’t end here. Crypto exchange’s recovery efforts also include attempts to secure funds from Genesis Global Capital, further complicating the asset-recovery web.

Adding another layer of intrigue is FTX’s legal pursuits against Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents, Allan Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried. The exchange alleges that the duo is in possession of luxury properties acquired through fraudulently transferred and misappropriated funds, thus implicating them in the ongoing saga.

Coinbase eyes European horizons amidst FTX’s turmoil

With crypto exchange embroiled in its issues, other crypto exchanges are making moves of their own. A standout player in this arena is the U.S-based Coinbase, which, sensing an opportunity, contemplated a foray into the European market. Their strategy involved acquiring FTX Europe, the European arm of the beleaguered platform.

While this might have seemed like a strategic move for Coinbase, especially considering their ambition to introduce cryptocurrency derivatives to European traders, the negotiation did not see a positive end. It’s noteworthy that the derivatives sector in Europe has been booming, registering a six-fold increase in trading volume compared to spot trading in 2023’s latter half.

This pivot towards derivatives signals a shift in traders’ preferences and underscores the need for exchanges like Coinbase to recalibrate their offerings, ensuring they are in sync with market demand.


As the crypto landscape continues to shift, FTX’s bankruptcy case offers a timely reminder of the risks inherent in the digital currency market. With legal battles escalating and the future uncertain, exchange users must heed the clarion call and act before the September 29 deadline. Meanwhile, exchanges like Coinbase must adapt and innovate, ensuring they remain in step with a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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