France Gunning to be the ICO Capital; A Visa is Must

The launch of ICO in France is coming soon as the French Government has accepted the proposal placed by French financial market regulators AMF. Further, Bruno Le Maire, the Finance and Economy Minister has tweeted that government is securing investors and companies who want to launch ICO, which was presented in front of the cabinet in March, by providing some measures.

For security reasons, the French ministry has proposed some rules. Companies that are interested in launching ICO must have to apply for the visa. They must have to give their whitepapers to the ministry for checking. The whitepaper should be comprised of important clauses like details of projects, token rights, rules and regulation in case of any problem and, reasons for the fundraising through ICO.

Foreign companies are not allowed to gain more projects in France, so they are exempted from the visa process. By new ICOs services from the banking industry and accounting firms can be used. Their services were not used previously because of the high uncertainty in this industry. has granted permission to the companies to launch their ICO on its network. However, it is going to launch its own ICO in coming days. will get its ICO visa from French market regulator AMF soon. Pierre Noizat, the CEO commented that the French Ministry is trying to build France as an ICO capital and they want to hold the market.

This perhaps explains the French government is contacting new crypto investors and Blockchain. The Ministry has appointed special force to regulate the crypto blockchains. Furthermore, Bitcoin tax rate was lowered to 19 percent to attract investors and entrepreneurs.

French Government is showing great interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.