Former US prosecutor Katie Haun weighs in on Ripple case ruling, foresees unlikely appeal


  • Haun Ventures CEO, Katie Haun, views the court’s decision in the Ripple case as positive for the crypto industry, distinguishing between XRP and certain transactions involving institutional investors.
  • Haun believes an immediate appeal by the SEC is unlikely due to potential risks to its enforcement agenda and the current confusion surrounding regulatory interpretations.
  • Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and legal expert Jeremy Hogan also anticipate a delayed appeal and highlight the impact of the ruling on future regulatory actions, while calls for congressional action to establish regulatory clarity in the crypto industry grow stronger.

Katie Haun, former Department of Justice prosecutor and CEO of Haun Ventures, a prominent crypto-focused venture capital fund, has shared her insights on the recent court decision in the long-standing legal battle between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Haun took to Twitter to express her views, describing the court’s decision as “a good outcome for the industry.” She emphasized that the court drew a reasonable line, distinguishing between XRP and specific transactions involving institutional investors and Ripple.

According to Haun, the court’s distinction between XRP as a non-security and certain investment contracts provides an important clarification for the industry. While she acknowledged the possibility of an appeal, she expressed skepticism about an immediate appeal, citing the SEC’s potential reluctance to seek legal clarity. Haun noted that the SEC currently benefits from the confusion surrounding regulatory interpretations and that losing an appeal could jeopardize the agency’s future enforcement actions.

The ruling in favor of Ripple has raised hopes among market participants, with investment banking giant JPMorgan suggesting that it could benefit Coinbase in its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. JPMorgan’s equity analysts highlighted the improved confidence and regulatory clarity resulting from the court’s decision, emphasizing Coinbase’s market-leading position and respected reputation in the industry.

Ripple’s CEO and legal experts share perspectives

Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse echoed Haun’s sentiments, stating that he believes it may take years before the SEC decides to appeal the ruling. Garlinghouse also emphasized that an appeal by the SEC would only reinforce the court’s decision that XRP is not a security.

In a video posted on YouTube, legal expert Jeremy Hogan offered his analysis, suggesting that the SEC is likely to launch an appeal after the trial between the SEC and Ripple concludes, which is scheduled for early 2024. The outcome of the trial could further shape the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies.

The Ripple case ruling has sparked calls for Congress to take action and establish a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry. Brian Quintenz, former Commodity Futures Trading Commission commissioner and current head of policy for crypto venture capital fund a16z, expressed concern that the ruling adds more uncertainty for entrepreneurs and builders in the crypto space. U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the urgent need for Congress to provide clarity and guidance in the rapidly evolving crypto industry.


As the Ripple case ruling continues reverberating throughout the crypto industry, experts and market participants closely monitor the potential implications. Katie Haun, CEO of Haun Ventures, provides her insights on the ruling and the likelihood of an immediate appeal by the SEC. Her analysis suggested that the SEC may benefit from the lack of legal clarity, raising questions about the agency’s intentions and future enforcement actions. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and legal expert Jeremy Hogan also offered their perspectives, emphasizing the potential impact of an appeal and the need for regulatory clarity.

The ruling has ignited calls for congressional action to establish a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, with stakeholders emphasizing the importance of providing guidance and certainty to entrepreneurs and builders in the industry.

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