Former Team-Xecuter Member Bowser Released From Prison After Guilty Plea and Fines


  • A former Team-Xecuter member, Bowser was released after a guilty plea and $14.5 million in fines.
  • His charges include hacking and selling illegal console mods.
  • Team-Xecuter’s actions caused up to $150 million in losses, sending a warning to hackers.

Bowser, a key member of the notorious hacking group Team-Xecuter, was released last year after serving time for his involvement in creating and selling circumvention devices. These devices enabled users to play illegal ROMs on various gaming consoles, including the popular Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

Guilty plea and substantial fines

Facing charges for 11 felony counts, Bowser pleaded guilty to two counts and offered to pay Nintendo a substantial sum of $4.5 million as part of his plea agreement. This decision was an alternative to facing a trial for the numerous charges against him.

In addition to the $4.5 million payment to Nintendo, Bowser is legally obligated to send the company a portion of his earnings after covering his basic expenses. When asked about this financial obligation, Bowser commented, “I’ll pay them what I can, which won’t be very much money, that’s for sure.”

Civil case ruling and additional fine

In a separate civil case, Bowser was handed another significant financial blow, as he was ordered to pay Nintendo an additional $10 million fine for his involvement in selling console modifications that allowed users to bypass the company’s security measures.

According to the United States government, Team-Xecuter’s illicit activities generated tens of millions of dollars in sales, resulting in staggering losses of up to $150 million for their victims. The group’s operations involved creating and distributing circumvention devices and selling console modifications, further contributing to their financial gains.

Message to the hacking community

Speaking to The Guardian after his release, Bowser expressed his belief that his sentence serves as a stark message to others involved in the hacking scene. He emphasized, “The sentence was like a message to other people that [are] still out there, that if they get caught … [they’ll] serve hard time.”

This statement reflects the legal system’s determination to combat illegal activities related to gaming consoles and protect the intellectual property rights of gaming companies like Nintendo.

The ongoing battle against video game piracy

Bowser’s case underscores the ongoing struggle against video game piracy and the significant financial losses incurred by gaming companies due to illegal activities. Among other industry leaders, Nintendo has been relentlessly pursuing individuals and groups engaged in piracy and copyright infringement.

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