Former GTA Developer Uncovers Mystery Behind San Andreas Plane Crashes

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  • GTA ex-dev explains plane crashes in San Andreas: Scans for obstacles misses thin ones.
  • Obbe Vermeij is tied to the canceled spy game “Agent” with San Andreas missions.
  • The “Agent” demo had tough features.

Like any other being based on a franchise, GTA carries within itself different aspects hidden from the players besides those that are interesting points in the game. The easter eggs of this series are always getting attention, for instance, with lunar mysteries or discovering Statue of Liberty’s beating big heart, being in its core. Yet, only more unknown side details are in the games’ code. Recently, they found a mystery for players behind the scenes that has been bothering one of the mighty cities in the game, San Andreas.

Insights from GTA former developer

Once again, a GTA dev discusses why planes constantly crashed into San Andreas. According to the developer, San Andreas veterans know that one thing that troubled the game during that time was that it always found itself without answers from Stoneworks. Sometimes, small aircraft fly continuously, disappear out of nowhere, crash in other ways, and explode. This small curiosity about what always makes players query about the world’s functioning of GTA is now solved by GTA’s former developer, Obbe Vermeij. “Before it can take off, my program scans its surroundings for any obstruction,” he says. He also adds that It runs along several lines in the forward-facing part of the plane. The scans are done slow; thus, he just tried the minimum amount, the body and wingtips, which is why thin obstacles are sometimes not detected.

Rockstar’s ‘Agent’ and San Andreas Spy missions

He is even permitted such a position – “Pilots sometimes forget to look up at the stars and clear clouds while preparing the airplane for flight. I felt the crashes had value, and thus, I never even thought about restricting the fly-by’s.”

Besides the fact he worked on Rockstar Games directly, Vermeij has built quite a reputation online for fans of the company output because he would constantly provide fairly reliable facts, depending on their projects. He even beamed the spy game, Rockstar canned game that aims to grab the fame of spy games, such as James Bond, anonymously to his fans. 

In a later institute meeting, the creators revealed that the game had orders related to spying in San Andreas, which eventually ended up integrating mechanics about gliders and cars that transformed into submarines. The demo version of this match was quite difficult, and we might even have issued James Bond titles to them. However, the progress has been stagnant for some time now.

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