Flamboyant money showering Bitcoin entrepreneur arrested in scam charges

Bitcoin millionaire Wong Ching-Kit was recently arrested due to misconduct in the city. But there are certainly more legal issues that are closing in on him. A few days ago the person was found responsible for throwing thousands of dollars from the skyline in one of Hong Kong’s poorest areas. Following the event, four people alleged Wong of selling worthless goods.

Allegedly, Wong sold mining units worth around three hundred and eighty thousand dollars ($380,000) with a promise that they will earn profits as soon as his cryptocurrency comes online in the next three months.

However, he failed to fulfill the promise and the rigs were rendered useless, as the tokens do not hold any real value. Furthermore, Wong guaranteed refunds on which he is now unwilling to comply. On the other hand, his problems were also increased since he has been throwing investor’s money from the skyline. Definitely not the right move when he was indebted to investors.

Moreover, 20 people claimed that they had also bought these mining rigs and ten other complained that Wong defrauded them of around one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($120,000).

Last month he was arrested after he threw thousands of dollars from a rooftop in Kowloon. He was later released on bail and until recently there are no charges placed on him.

Even so, as evidence keeps piling up against him, it is a matter of time until the loop finally closes in on him.