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  • STEPN and GigaSpace Metaverse strike a new tactical collaboration.
  • How the web 3lifestyle app and GigaSpace work.

The move-to-earn health app STEPN and the brand-new metaverse GigaSpace have formed a strategic alliance to create a digital STEPN Metropolis for their respective communities. GigaSpace is creating a digital environment that is not only intended for Web3.0 events but also for Web2.0 events that can dive into Web3.0, sharing the same vision as STEPN of building a bridge connecting Web2 & Web3.

“We are thrilled about the collaboration because we and STEPN have the same goal: creating a link between Web2 and Web3. We refer to ourselves as a Web5.0 metaverse since it is a virtual environment intended for both Web3.0 and Web2.0 parties that will transition to Web3.0.”

The STEPN Metropolis will likely be a sports-themed metropolis featuring structures and amenities like stadiums, shopping centers, and neighborhood areas where fans and supporters may buy STEPN merchandise, spark local events, and collaborate with one another in a meaningful way.

STEPN elements and how it works

The Web3 lifestyle app has Social-Fi and Sport-Fi elements. Customers who wear NFT Sneakers accumulate points based on the distance they walk, jog, or run, which is tracked by GPS, and then receive prizes in the form of tokens for their success. Consumers receive their incentives in the form of novice Satoshi Tokens (GST), which can be used to advance and create new Sneakers.

GigaSpace on the other hand is creating the first Web5 metaverse in the world with a unique environment to support business actions and communities by fusing the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Within a concise period of time, GigaSpace has already partnered with 100+ Web2.0 & Web3.0 events.

The digital Metropolis is currently being developed and will likely become accessible in stages following the launch of GigaSpace alpha. The goal of this agreement is to provide a digital space where fans from around the world may easily gather without being constrained by geographical limits.

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