FBI and other authorities seize $2.3 million in crypto


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• The investigation bureau is after the REvil main members.
• The FBI believes that several involved with REvil are in Russia.

The federal investigative agency in the United States, or known by its acronym FBI, revealed that it had confiscated over $2.3 Million in cryptos shortly after November. All of that seized money was linked to the data hijacking problems that occurred in August.

A few hours before starting the first day of December, the federal agency showed one of the highest seizures made to Aleksandr Sikerin, who supposedly belongs to a group of cyber hackers. The investigation bureau shows Sikerin as part of the REvil group operating from Russia to the United States.

The federal agency is behind REvil


The FBI, one of the largest investigative authorities in the United States, shows how close it is to catching members of the REvil group. Recently, the federal agency revealed that Aleksandr Sikerin had so much money in a crypto wallet minted in Bitcoin. According to the agents, Sikerin stored about 39.89138522, which would correspond to more than $2 million with today’s token’s price.

The investigation bureau also shows that the wallet belongs to the Exchange Exodus, supporting the case. Although Sikerin is constantly on the move, they could snatch a high-value wallet from the market. According to the FBI department, the seized wallet and cryptos are in the town agency in Dallas.

Some CNN reports indicate that the agents could restrict over $6 million in transactions by Ransomware of a Ukrainian person linked to the REvil group. The extended news shows that the FBI investigated and arrested Yaroslav Vasinkyi for hijacking data in the first week of July from more than a thousand companies worldwide.

The investigation found that Vasinkyi worked alongside Yevgeniy Polyanin for the same fraudulent network, REvil. Both subjects file charges for money laundering and fraud.

The FBI keeps looking for REvil members

According to the FBI investigations, it can be verified that the REvil group has participated in thousands of problems with Ransomware. The judicial department believes that the criminals have stolen about $200 million in cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin. However, he could not apprehend the group’s heads that, for this moment, is considered a terrorist.

Investigations also suggest that the criminals’ modus operandi is to hijack the data of American companies and then demand ransom with cryptos. They use Bitcoin or other tokens because they offer anonymous transactions between entities from different countries. All that ransom money is sent to a cryptocurrency mixer that fulfills the objective of laundering the money and then sent to a wallet from random nodes.

The federal agency believes that many of these criminals who take advantage of cryptocurrencies are in Russia. Considering that it is almost impossible to extradite them to the United States to pay for their crimes.

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