The New York Times Exposes Startling “Notes” Made by Sam Bankman-Fried’s Girlfriend

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  • The New York Times reveals Caroline Ellison’s personal notes, in which she expressed dissatisfaction and feeling overwhelmed with her role as CEO of Alameda Research months before the FTX collapse.
  • The documents suggest that Ellison had full knowledge of the issues plaguing FTX, raising questions about her involvement in the fund mismanagement that resulted in significant losses for investors.

In a startling turn of events, shocking details regarding Caroline Ellison, the CEO of crypto hedge fund Alameda Research, have emerged from documents accessed by The New York Times. These notes shed light on Ellison’s apparent foreknowledge of the impending collapse of crypto exchange FTX, which initiated Chapter 11 proceedings seven months ago. The collapse had far-reaching consequences, affecting cryptocurrency prices and leading to significant losses for both retail and institutional investors. As prosecutors continue their investigation and trial against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried over allegations of fund mismanagement, the evidence implicating Ellison has taken center stage.

Ellison’s Personal Notes Reveal Signs of Discontent and Unease

The recently uncovered documents, including Ellison’s personal notes, have provided crucial insights into the situation leading up to the FTX collapse. According to The New York Times report, three months before the financial empire’s downfall, Ellison expressed her dissatisfaction and feeling of being overwhelmed with her role as Alameda CEO. In an online note, she wrote candidly about her desire to escape the mounting drama surrounding FTX and Alameda Research, stating, “I have been feeling pretty unhappy and overwhelmed with my job. At the end of the day, I can’t wait to go home and turn off my phone and have a drink and get away from it all.”

These notes paint a picture of a CEO burdened by the weight of her responsibilities and perhaps hint at the underlying issues that contributed to the mismanagement of funds within the company. As the trial proceedings unfold, prosecutors are likely to scrutinize these notes to understand whether Ellison’s discontent played any role in the chain of events leading to FTX’s collapse.

Facing the Consequences – Ellison’s Future Amid Legal Battle

As FTX’s management faces multiple lawsuits worldwide in connection with allegations of fund mismanagement, Caroline Ellison finds herself at the center of the legal storm. Her position as the CEO of Alameda Research, a key player in the financial empire ran by Sam Bankman-Fried, makes her testimony and actions critical to the ongoing trial. With the latest revelations from her personal notes, questions arise about her level of involvement and awareness of the problems brewing within FTX.

As the legal proceedings continue, Ellison will likely be called to testify about her knowledge of the fund’s mismanagement and whether she took any steps to address these issues before the situation escalated. Furthermore, she may be questioned about her motivations for expressing discontent in her personal notes and whether this had any bearing on her decision-making within Alameda Research during that critical period.

The outcome of the trial holds significant implications not only for Ellison but also for the broader cryptocurrency community and investors who suffered losses during the FTX collapse. With the former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, facing multiple counts of fraud related to fund mismanagement, the court’s verdict on Ellison’s role and culpability could impact the severity of the consequences he faces.


The unfolding trial surrounding the FTX collapse and allegations of fund mismanagement has taken a dramatic turn with the emergence of Caroline Ellison’s personal notes. The revelations of her discontent and unease as Alameda’s CEO raise questions about her knowledge of the impending crisis. As the legal battle continues, the cryptocurrency world watches with bated breath to understand the full extent of Ellison’s involvement and the consequences that lie ahead for both her and Sam Bankman-Fried. Meanwhile, regulators and investors alike are hopeful that this trial will shed light on the practices within the cryptocurrency industry and pave the way for enhanced safeguards to protect investors’ interests in the future.

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