European Pet Techs Embrace GenAI for Innovative Pet Care Solutions


  • European pet techs are embracing GenAI to revolutionize pet care, from telehealth to personalized pet portraits. 
  • GenAI tools like ChatGPT offer valuable assistance to vets for simpler cases, easing burnout and catching human errors. 
  • Camlist’s AI-powered breed recommendation tool and custom pet portraits enhance the pet ownership journey with GenAI.

As the pet tech industry continues to evolve, European startups are eagerly embracing the potential of GenAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) to revolutionize various aspects of pet care. From telehealth platforms to pet ownership journeys and personalized pet portraits, GenAI is making waves in the industry. Several founders are enthusiastic about the benefits and opportunities it offers pet owners and veterinary professionals.

Cooper pet care to integrate ChatGPT for veterinary health queries

Cooper Pet Care, a Netherlands-based pet telehealth platform, has successfully integrated ChatGPT to address pet health-related health queries. Michael Fisher, the CEO, and co-founder, initially experimented with the technology and found it surprisingly effective. Although GenAI tools like ChatGPT are best suited for simpler cases, such as mild ailments like diarrhea, they can provide valuable assistance to veterinary professionals.

While GenAI is a useful resource for straightforward questions, more complex and urgent queries require human expertise. Nevertheless, adopting AI in the veterinary profession could be a boon for vets who face burnout due to the demanding nature of their work. AI can also help catch human diagnosis errors, potentially saving pets’ lives.

Challenges and future prospects

While GenAI platforms like ChatGPT offer valuable insights, they have flaws. Sometimes, they can produce errors and “hallucinate” facts, making it crucial to explore more sophisticated solutions. Fisher predicts that large language models (LLMs) trained on fully accurate veterinary information could significantly improve ChatGPT and conventional internet search, where medical credibility may not always be filtered effectively.

Camlist, a UK-based pet tech startup, has integrated GenAI to streamline the pet ownership journey digitally. The company launched an AI-powered assistant named Buddy in early 2023. Using a ChatGPT wrapper, Camlist collected interaction data to guide further AI integration efforts.

AI-powered breed recommendation tool

One of Camlist’s key innovations is an AI-powered breed recommendation tool that assists potential pet owners in discovering the right pet for their circumstances. By inputting their lifestyle preferences via chat, users receive suggestions for the most suitable breeds along with detailed explanations. The AI interface allows for further inquiries, ensuring that potential owners are well-informed before making a decision.

Moustafa Mahmoud, the founder of Camlist, believes that the chat interface powered by LLMs will become the new mode of digital engagement, akin to the ubiquitous mouse cursor. The company is working on AI-powered pet training plans, offering personalized coaching for pet behavior, potty training, and feeding tailored to each breed and owner’s needs.

AI-generated custom pet portraits

Camlist has also tapped into the visual capabilities of GenAI, providing customers with the unique opportunity to receive AI-generated custom pet portraits. These artistic renditions allow pet owners to see their beloved companions in various imaginative guises, from astronauts to Formula One drivers.

The appeal of AI-generated pet art is not limited to European startups. US-based Pet Portrait AI, part of Mojo Creator, is another company that recognizes the potential of GenAI in the pet art space. Their platform enables customers to turn their pets into personalized art pieces, opening up many possibilities, from quirky iPad cases to charming rugs or heartfelt surprise gifts for pet owners based on their social media pet pictures.

GenAI is transforming the pet tech industry, offering novel solutions that benefit pet owners and veterinary professionals. From providing telehealth support for pet health queries to streamlining the pet ownership journey and generating delightful custom pet portraits, European startups are at the forefront of leveraging AI to create innovative and engaging pet care experiences. As technology advances, the pet tech sector is poised for further growth and transformative breakthroughs.

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