Euler Hacker Sends Cryptic Messages Encouraging Ethical Hacking and Hints at Future Actions

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  • The Euler hacker, who returned $200 million in stolen crypto, has sent cryptic messages encouraging ethical hacking and advising against stealing.
  • The messages were encoded in transactions and included references to Buenos Aires and the Argentine people.
  • The hacker self-identified as an Argentine Peronist and urged beginner hackers to pursue bounties instead of theft

In a surprising turn of events, the notorious Euler hacker, who recently returned $200 million in stolen cryptocurrency, has resurfaced with cryptic messages encoded within transactions. The self-proclaimed Argentine and “Peronist” hacker, known for exploiting vulnerabilities in the Euler code, urged beginner hackers to pursue ethical bounties instead of engaging in illicit activities.

The enigmatic messages, sent by the hacker during the evening in London, were decoded to reveal intriguing insights. The first message read “Bùen Áyre,” which translates to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. The second message was dedicated to “those beautiful people… who are all Argentines.”

The Euler Hacker’s Cryptic Messages

Written in Spanish, the hacker’s message proclaimed, “If there is an Argentine hacker, and a Peronist, it’s me, no one else! For hackers who are just starting out: don’t be stupid, don’t steal, do bounties, etc.” This unexpected declaration suggests a departure from the hacker’s previous illicit activities, possibly motivated by a desire to promote ethical hacking practices.

Back in March, the Euler hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Euler code, resulting in the theft of approximately $200 million worth of cryptocurrency from the lending protocol. The impact of this hack rippled through the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, causing losses for users of various protocols and destabilizing a stablecoin’s peg.

Remarkably, after three weeks of negotiations, Euler managed to recover all of the “recoverable funds.” Since the hacker had converted most of the stolen crypto into Ether and the price of Ether rose during the recovery process, Euler not only recuperated all the stolen funds but also obtained additional funds.

During the initial incident, the hacker identified themselves as “Jacob” and issued an apology. “I don’t think what I say will help me in any way, but I still want to say it. I fucked up,” the hacker admitted, promising to return the remaining funds as soon as possible. The delay, the hacker claimed, was solely to ensure their own safety.

The connection between the hacker and Argentina remains unclear. However, earlier reports revealed that the hacker had sent 100 Ether, valued at over $130,000 at the time, to an Argentine Solidity developer shortly after the hack. The developer had pleaded for the return of the 78-wrapped, staked Ether they had lost. Astonishingly, the hacker not only returned the stolen crypto but also provided additional funds. When contacted, the developer assured that the surplus crypto would be returned and denied any involvement in the hacking incident.

Euler’s Silence: Hacker’s Messages and Implications

In the hacker’s recent communication, a cryptic warning was issued: “Choose well in October, we are going with everything.” This enigmatic statement hints at potential future actions planned by the hacker, leaving the cybersecurity community and authorities on high alert. Additionally, the message contained a reference to an apparently non-existent social media handle, @federicojaimeok, further adding to the mystery surrounding the hacker’s identity.

When approached for comment regarding the hacker’s latest messages, Euler declined to provide any additional information or insights. As the hacker’s story continues to unfold, the ethical hacking community and cybersecurity experts remain intrigued by this unexpected shift in behavior and eagerly await further developments as October approaches.

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