Etherum 2.0 made its second launch rehearsal for the 2020 release

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Etherum is currently in trial testing, and complete success is expected in the long-awaited phase 0 known as Zinken. The Etherum 2.0 trial test was carried out at noon on Monday. And it was a very entertaining process, as it had a lot of participation and there were no mistakes to mention.

Spadina’s launch did not have the expected approval, but then the network tests were carried out that were better accepted. This launch was known as the first trial made for testing the platform that will be used, especially for bettors.

At the time, Cointelegraph made some remarks where people knew that Spadina’s launch did not have the expected acceptance. Having low participation rates, the testnet could not be used by most of the validators. The validators were signed up to show the test network to their clients via the web.

Financial incentives are important when showing the testnet, and for many analysts, this factor was missing. Then, doing a more in-depth study showed that many problems arose from customers’ mistakes. However, this situation has not affected the performance of Etherum.


What will Etherum’s second trial show?

Customer engagement is the main goal of the testnet for high performance. For the blockchain to work and finish its process, 66% of the participation is needed. This participation must be confirmed in advance to obtain good results.

The first testnet has been Zinken, and so far, it has been the most successful testnet. The participation of its clients was 75%, and for this reason, the team that has worked on the development of Etherum 2.0 has been very pleased. To see the few errors that have occurred, the developers use a discord chat considered silent.

Etherum Foundation coordinator Danny Ryan can complete the following goal, which is the next release by 2020. But first, some testnet considerations must be taken into account to conclude with good interaction. It is important to take the entire process to achieve positive exchanges with Etherum, by bettors.

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