Ethereum price analysis: ETH price down to $181

Over the last twenty-four hours, Ethereum price experienced a decline of a little over three percent (3%); presently, it is changing hands at one hundred and eighty-six dollars ($181).

In the last week, the value of cryptocurrency increased a little over seven percent (7.5%) before the latest drop. Despite this minor decline, Ethereum price remains up by a little over four percent (4.5%) in the previous thirty days as it continuously makes the higher highs and the higher lows in October.

Ethereum maintains its status of being the third-largest crypto in terms of market cap at a little over twenty-dollars ($20.17).

Ethereum price mid-term movement

Ethereum price continued to increase until now when the price is finally correcting itself. The cryptocurrency was able to increase up to a little over one hundred and ninety-three dollars ($193.66) before reaching the resistance level of at a hundred-day Moving Average.Ethereum price analysis: ETH price down to $181 1
Ethereum price chart by Trading View

The closest levels of resistance for the Ethereum price movement are found at a little over one hundred and ninety-three dollars ($193.66) and two hundred dollars ($200) at a hundred-days moving average.

Above it, the resistance lies at two-hundred and three dollars ($203) at two-hundred moving average, t-hundred and ten dollars ($210), two-hundred and twenty dollars ($220), two-hundred and twenty-five dollars ($225).

Resistance is anticipated to be at two hundred and thirty-five dollars ($235), two hundred and forty dollars ($240), two hundred and forty-eight dollars and two hundred and sixty dollars ($260).

The closest level of support for Ethereum price is found at one hundred and eighty-five dollars ($185). Below this, the support could be at one hundred and seventy-six dollars ($176.48), one hundred and seventy-two dollars ($170), one hundred and seventy dollars ($170) and one hundred and sixty-five dollars ($165.42). The volume of trading stays very low.