Ethereum price analysis 21 June 2019; $290 hit, what’s next?

The crypto-market is bullish, and it is anticipated that ETH will soon reach three hundred dollars ($300). The last few hours have shown positive momentum for all the coins.

The Bitcoin is all set to achieve the new target, and other altcoins have also increased from three percent (3%) to eight percent (8%). The total market cap is around three hundred billion dollars ($300).

Bitcoin has successfully achieved nine thousand and five hundred dollars ($9,500), and now the resistance level is seen around nine thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight dollars ($9,838).

Ethereum price analysis 21 June 2019; $290 hit, what's next? 2

In order to achieve ten thousand dollars ($10k), the bulls have to exert pressure and find support above nine thousand and seven hundred dollars ($9,700) and for medium-term nine thousand and six hundred dollars ($9,600) is a favorable point.

The price of Ethereum is surging and has reached above two hundred and ninety dollars ($290). The target is to achieve three hundred dollars ($300) in the near future.

ETH has increased by six percent (6%) and is among the top gainer of the coins. It is speculated that if the coin will reach $300, the anticipation of the next higher resistance will be a difficult task.

If the coin has attained support at two hundred and eighty-five dollars ($285), then the coin will trade with stability, and also there will be fewer chances of pullback. The crucial parameter is to find a good support position at this point.