Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s relation with Bitcoin Cash

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin posted a Tweet saying that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is not Bitcoin (BTC). The tweet came in response to Brad Mills’ accusation of Buterin as a BCH supporter’.

Brad Mills claimed that Vitalik Buterin is’ promoting the “fraudulent Bcash narrative” to harm Bitcoin and aid his own network Ethereum. He claimed that Buterin was taking revenge against Bitcoin enthusiasts who support Ethereum classic. On the other hand, Vitalik Buterin simply commented that Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin.

Ethereum co-founder and Bitcoin Cash

In 2017, several months after the launch of BCH, Vitalik Buterin posted a tweet that was somewhat in favor of Bitcoin Cash. Buterin stated that he considers BCH to be a legit contender for the Bitcoin name. He stated that “Bitcoin’s failure” to increase block size was a non-consensual change to the “original plan,” and as such, the BTC network is now tantamount to a hard fork.

However, Vitalik was not in favor of ‘BCH is Bitcoin’ narrative, as seen in his following tweet on the same day. He stated that saying BCH is BTC would be a bad idea as that is the opinion of a minority in the Bitcoin community.

A year later, the Ethereum co-founder made his stance clear by calling the narrative “unrealistic.” However, he said that having the name ‘Bitcoin Cash’ is totally fine. While Buterin might not be against Bitcoin Cash, he has still signified a difference between BTC and Bitcoin network.

In his most recent post regarding the subject, he said that he is not standing on any side but rather takes “public goods challenges seriously.” He added that he is open to adjusting preconceptions while maintaining his commitment towards core values of decentralization to meet the challenges

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