Ethereum based creative solution for Manila Bay plastic waste epidemic

ethereum based solution for manila bay waste management

According to the latest report, Bounties Network initiated a unique waste management program on the Manila Bay beach of Philippines. Three tons (3tn) of trash was eradicated within two days by incentivizing a group of fisherman.

Philippines is ranked as the world’s third-largest ocean polluter. Although, there are waste management acts such as Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, due to lack of political will and use of single-use plastic wrappers; plastic waste has taken over the Philippines’ beaches, Manila beach being one of them.

The Ethereum-powered platform Bounties Network reportedly tackled this marine litter issue by launching a pilot project in which resident fishermen were offered to clear up the beach for Ethereum-based digital currency.

Moreover, the Ethereum powered platform allied with a mobile wallet to enable the Filipino fisherman to redeem their earned coins for fiat currency.

Furthermore, for this two-day drill of plastic waste eradication, the participants were employed for roughly a little more than two dollars ($2.50) per hour. It is worth noting that the minimum wage for someone working for a whole day in the Philippines is way less than the amount offered by Bounties Network.

Lastly, if the government’s official waste disposal program would have wanted to achieve the same results, the cost would have been a whopping ten thousand and five hundred dollars ($10,500), but with this forward thinking of the Bounties Network, the total cost to eradicate the plastic waste was only seven hundred dollars ($700).

Ahmad Asghar

Ahmad Asghar

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