EOS co-founder criticizes Facebook for stealing client data

Cryptocurrencies are famous and appreciated for keeping the private data of their clients secure. Things have stirred up in the crypto sphere following the announcement of Facebook’s native token.

The co-founder of EOS recently replied to a tweet regarding Facebook showing them targeting ad. The thread was filled with tweets from users that were angry with Facebook accessing their private data and showing them specific ads.

One such user commented that even though the device settings did not give Facebook any permission, the app was still accessing the data to show targeted ads.

In response, EOS co-founder stated that Facebook tracks your actions and therefore shows specific ads. However, he stated that such ads tell you that ‘your privacy has been compromised.’

Following his comment, many more users joined the thread in which some expressed their anger over Facebook while some joked about the situation.

Furthermore, many enraged users started discussing the crypto that Facebook will be launching. A user even went as far as to call the Facebook Coin as “spycoin” that will be monitoring the users’ data and the clients will have to pay for it.

Similarly, many other news outlets reported a similar wave of crypto enthusiasts that were angry about the situation. Many people condemned Facebook’s plan of implementing their token with WhatsApp.

Even so, some people believe that the token will be used to collect just as much data as a crypto exchange does though many people wondered what the company would do once it lays its hands on such data. Will it continue to show even more targeted ads?