Embark Studios addresses player frustration over unjust bans in the finals


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  • Legitimate players were unfairly banned in The Finals’ anti-cheat efforts.
  • Community debate rages on aim assist and innovative game mechanics.
  • Embark Studios is actively working to reverse erroneous bans.

Embark Studios, the developer behind the popular online shooter game The Finals, recently initiated a series of ban waves to combat the persistent issue of cheating within the game

However, in a concerning turn of events, legitimate players have found themselves unintentionally targeted by these bans, sparking frustration and outrage among the gaming community.

Ban waves cause unintended fallout

The Finals, a high-octane shooter released less than a month ago, has been grappling with the problem of cheaters since its beta phases. In an effort to rectify this issue, Embark Studios decided to implement ban waves to remove dishonest players from the game. Unfortunately, the initial ban waves have caught innocent players in their net, leaving many dedicated gamers banned from the game they love.

Frustration among the player base

For competitive gamers, being banned without any wrongdoing is an annoying experience. The indiscriminate nature of the bans has led to widespread frustration within The Finals’ player base. 

On social media platforms like Twitter, players have voiced their grievances, with some sharing the message they received, which simply states, ‘Due to certain behavior that is against our Code of Conduct, your account has been banned.’ This vague explanation has left many bewildered and disheartened.

Streamers caught in the crossfire

The problem extends beyond regular players, as reports have surfaced that even streamers, some of whom were actively broadcasting the game, have been banned without prior warning. This unexpected turn of events has raised concerns about the fairness of the ban process and the potential impact on content creators and the overall player experience.

Embark Studios’ efforts to rectify the situation

Despite the initial setbacks, there is a glimmer of hope for affected players. Embark Studios appears to be actively working on reversing some of the erroneous bans. The exact criteria used by the studio to issue bans remain unclear, but it is likely driven by AI or machine learning components, similar to anti-cheat systems in other competitive games. 

With some fine-tuning, it should be possible to identify and reverse these false positives, providing relief to legitimate players.

The Finals garnered a substantial player base within its first two weeks of release, boasting 10 million players worldwide. However, this rapid success has been accompanied by various issues that have drawn the gaming community’s attention. 

One of the most significant debates revolves around the ongoing rivalry between controller players and ‘MnK’ (Mouse and Keyboard) players. The contentious topic of aim assist being overpowered has become a recurring theme in many competitive shooters featuring crossplay mechanics.

Additionally, players have expressed frustration with some of the game’s innovative mechanics, such as zero gravity and invisibility, which have polarized the community. Complaints have also arisen regarding the heavy-build character, perceived by some as an overpowered tank capable of absorbing excessive amounts of damage.

The final is still in its infancy, and community feedback heavily influences its development. As such, many of these issues are expected to be addressed by Embark Studios in due course. The developer’s commitment to refining the gaming experience suggests that improvements and adjustments will be made to strike a balance that satisfies a wide range of players.

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