Elipay starts Bitcoin Cash payments from Slovenian supermarket chain

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Recently, Slovenia has taken the initiative in this regard, where the tourists are allowed to purchase twenty thousand (20,000) food products by the use of Bitcoin cash. The crypto-market is expanding, and therefore, people are now taking interest to use the digital coins for everyday activities.

Bitcoin Cash has got a lot of fame these days, and its adoption is also increasing. This is the fifth most important asset as expressed by CoinMarketCap website.

This idea is being supported by Roger Ver, who is an early investor in the Bitcoin startups and also a supporter of Bitcoin adoption as a means to promote economic freedom.

The wallet app Elipay can give benefit to the users of cryptocurrency to pay for the food items, approximately twenty thousand (20,000) products, via BCH.

Elipay has made collaboration with BCH to enhance its adoption. The creator of Elipay revealed that this step would broaden the spectrum of crypto by introducing this into the grocery chain arena.

Many tourists from all over the world come to Slovenia and Croatia so, this step will give a boost to the adoption of cryptocurrencies as the economies of these countries rely on tourism.

The whole community of BCH is hopeful that there will occur a remarkable increase in the adoption of cryptocurrency by this collaboration.

Elipay working is based on point-of-sales mechanism, and it utilizes other coins also like BTC, ETH, and its own token.

The move is also appreciated by the cryptocurrency community owing to the fact that such collaboration takes the sphere on step closer to mass adoption.

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