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Electroneum opens Minecraft servers up to crypto users

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  • Users of Electroneum (ETN) can now buy access to gaming servers.
  • The 2017 startup recently partnered with server hosting company Host Havoc.
  • Access to servers for a variety of online games is available including Minecraft and CS; GO.
Electroneum opens Minecraft servers up to crypto users 1

Electroneum partners with Host Havoc

Newcomer currency Electroneum recently partnered with server hosting company Host Havoc. The partnership sees the worlds of cryptocurrency and gaming come together. However, Electroneum attempts not just to establish itself in gaming, but also in everyday use.

‘Electroneum’s goal is to ensure that ETN has as many use cases as possible. Beyond gaming, this cryptocurrency can already be used to purchase mobile phone top-ups, and add credit to electricity meters in a select number of countries.’

The currency has established itself as supporting underdeveloped and unbanked countries, providing them with economic stability. It aims to provide the option of cryptocurrency to users who may not have the technical skills to access the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Host Havoc, founded in 2013, provides online video game hosting to servers across various games. These include hits such as Minecraft, CS; GO, and Rust. The collaboration with Electroleum will allow currency users to rent servers for 30 different major games from 11 locations around the world.

This is not ETN’s first foray into gaming markets. The game Splinterland, which aims to incorporate cryptocurrency into trading card gaming, has had a very successful partnership with the company.

‘Electroneum is experiencing true adoption, and we are very thrilled to see ETN as a payment method in the video gaming industry, such as with Splinterlands and now Host Havoc.’

Richard Ells CEO of Electroneum and Anytask

The move is part of a much wider trend of cryptocurrencies being adopted into games. The gaming market has an estimated total of 2.5 billion consumers and is thought to be a major stepping stone in making crypto technologies hit the mainstream.

Yaz Reynolds

Yaz Reynolds

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