EigenLayer enhances EigenDA security to counter Sybil and DDoS attacks

EigenLayer enhances EigenDA security to counter Sybil and DDoS attacksEigenLayer enhances EigenDA security to counter Sybil and DDoS attacks

In this post:

  • EigenLayer introduced a whitelist security measure for its EigenDA data availability services.
  • The new security system will combat Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Sybil attacks.  
  • EigenLayer is working to implement a permissionless payment on EigenDA.

EigenLayer has introduced a whitelist security measure for its EigenDA data availability on the Ethereum mainnet. The new feature will help combat Sybil and DDoS attacks. The EigenLayer Foundation is also working on the second phase of the EIGEN token stake, a significant step in the project’s token distribution plan.

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The enhanced EigenDA security feature uses the Ethereum elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) to secure service access and improve protection. ECDSA authentication is a cryptographic method that verifies user identity. ECDSA works on the principles of public-key cryptography and ensures secure authentication using elliptic curve cryptography. According to the Eigen team, EigenDA can also use the Internet address protocol to provide secure access to the service.

EigenLayer unveils new security feature

As per the announcement, EigenLayer’s additional advanced security feature will enable it to secure the services it provides and guarantee availability to all its clients. The Eigen team also stated that EigenDA’s free tier offers a throughput of 768kbs every ten minutes, surpassing the busiest rollups on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, the Base L-2 on Ethereum uses less than two blobs per 10-minute window.

The free permissionless tier is currently 6 blobs of 128KB per batch, for a total of 768KB every 10 minutes, though partners may work with us to request more.   


EigenLayer suggested that interested parties collaborate with EigenDA to develop solutions for their data needs. They further explained that the collaboration would support multiple innovations and applications that require high-throughput capabilities. According to EigenLayer, EigenDA produces synthetic loads of 0.6 mbs/second and achieves peak throughput of up to ten megabytes per second on the mainnet. In their post on X, EigenLayer clarified that EigenDA usage is now free for rollups on the mainnet.

EigenLayer explains EIGEN token distribution

The Eigen team completed the second phase of the EIGEN token airdrop in May this year, ending the first season. The team distributed 113 million EIGEN tokens, which amounted to 6.7% of the assigned supply for airdrops. Once claimed, EigenLayer temporarily locked all token transfers until the end of the third quarter of 2024.

Still, the EigenLayer team allowed users to engage in delegation activities and staking with EigenDA operators through the platform’s web portal during the time. The platform reportedly allows partners to request advanced throughput beyond the standard free tier. 


EigenLayer EigenDA technology
EigenLayer EigenDA update

Launched on Ethereum mainnet in April, EigenLayer already has over twelve billion dollars in deposits. It uses wider trust networks to open up new proof-of-stake projects and eliminate the need for separate security solutions. 

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The Eigen team said that they are working on introducing a permissionless payment for blob throughput. The Eigen team revealed its plans to launch the new technology by the end of 2024. According to the Eigen team, the new feature will allow users to support high-throughput demands by reserving bandwidth at a fixed rate. According to the Eigen team, the token claim window is currently open until September 2024 as the Eigen Foundation prepares for more diversified and robust digital systems soon.

“Stay tuned: We will announce Season 2 distribution details in the coming weeks.”

 -Eigen Foundation.

EigenLayer underpins Actively Validated Services (AVSs) that cover several application areas, including the oracle, consensus, and data availability layers. EigenLayer recently announced the start of phase two and promised to elaborate on distribution details soon.

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