EDCON 2023 emphasizes mass Ethereum Layer 2 adoption – Vitalik Buterin


  • During EDCON 2023, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, among other developers, emphasized the importance of the mass adoption of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.
  • Layer 2 solutions are off-chain protocols or frameworks built on top of the Ethereum mainnet. They aim to address scalability issues and improve transaction throughput while maintaining the security guarantees provided by the Ethereum network.
  • ENS L2 Off-Chain support enables developers to interact with ENS records and perform various operations without directly accessing the Ethereum mainnet.

EDCON 2023 is here, and time and time again, Ethereum has showcased its importance to the crypto industry and the DeFi ecosystem at large – to be more than a cryptocurrency. The ongoing EDCON 2023 in the beautiful city of Podgorica, Montenegro, is in high focus on the possibilities Ethereum has to offer to the general crypto market and beyond.

As one of the largest gatherings of the Ethereum and blockchain communities, the EDCON 2023 (Community Ethereum Development Conference) started on May 19 and ends on May 23, 2023.

EDCON 2023 – what is happening?

EDCON is a non-profit annual global Ethereum conference held in various countries. 2017’s EDCON was held in Paris, 2018’s in Toronto, 2019’s in Sydney, Australia, 2020-2021’s online, and 2022’s at the Chase Center in San Francisco. EDCON is dedicated to servicing the Ethereum ecosystem by enhancing the global communication and interaction of Ethereum communities.

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Source; Ethereum – EDCON 2023

EDCON 2023 features keynote addresses, technical seminars, and panel discussions on Blockchain Regulation, Layer 3, Decentralized Society, Decentralized Governance, and the Network State, amongst others. 

EDCON 2023 has assembled the brightest minds of the Ethereum community, including Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum), Balaji Srinivasan (author of the Network State), Scott Moore (co-founder of Gitcoin), Primavera De Filippi (Blockchain researcher at CNRS and the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University), Tim Beiko (Ethereum Foundation), Barry Whitehat (Ethereum Foundation), Cy Li (Director of De University of Ethereum), among others. 

 In addition, the conference will feature an Ethereum Quorum day, a Community Event day, and a Super Demo competition, affording ample opportunities for collaboration and discussion. 

ENS Layer 2 and offchain data support

EDCON 2023 has taken a keen interest in Layer 2 solutions and how they impact the overall financial market. And as information would have it, with the proliferation of layer 2 solutions for Ethereum that are starting to mature, it’s important that ENS provides resolution services across the ecosystem and allow ENS users to take advantage of layer 2 solutions’ efficiencies.

The ENS team and the wider ENS and L2 community have been developing a general-purpose “Layer 2 bridge” that enables cross-platform interoperability between ENS and other applications that require the ability to retrieve data from a variety of offchain sources (any data that resides outside of the Ethereum Mainnet, also known as layer 1/L1). 

This includes both proprietary database and layer 2/L2 solutions (e.g., Optimism, Arbitrum, Starkware, ZKSync, etc.) developed in a trustless manner and produced standards.

This definition is broader than what most people would consider “Layer 2”; it also includes other methods of reducing onchain data storage, such as airdrops that use merkle trees of account balances and tokens that emit events but do not store account balances onchain.

In a world with a plethora of different, incompatible layer 2 solutions, the key problem for ENS and many other applications is how to retrieve data from one of these systems in a way that is trust-minimized — that is, it does not introduce any new trust assumptions — without the application having to act as a client of each layer 2 solution that could potentially store data of interest to it.

The EIP 3668 – allows for transparent offchain (including Layer 2/L2) data lookups and allows contract authors to implement whatever validation is required; in many cases, this can be provided without any additional trust assumptions beyond those required if data is stored onchain.

The ENSIP 10 –  is a general method for resolving wildcards (for example, *.foo.eth) on L1. Issuing subdomains and resolving the parent name offchain allows dApps to create subdomains offchain while still making them available via L1.

The ENSIP 10 – is a general method for resolving wildcards (e.g., *.foo.eth) on L1. Issuing subdomains and resolving the parent name offchain enables dApps to create subdomains offchain while still making them available via L1.

Benefits of ENS L2 Offchain

ENS is a decentralized naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to associate human-readable names with Ethereum addresses and other decentralized resources.

ENS L2 Off-Chain support enables developers to interact with ENS records and perform various operations without directly accessing the Ethereum mainnet.

By leveraging Layer 2 solutions, developers can significantly reduce transaction costs, enhance the user experience by improving transaction speed, and alleviate network congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. ENS L2 Offchain also offers compatibility with existing ENS functionality, allowing seamless integration with DApps built on Layer 2.

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