dYdX DEX takes a revolutionary leap with ‘V4’ code open source 

dYdX DEX takes a revolutionary leap with 'V4' code open source 

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  • dYdX is open-sourcing its v4 code, paving the way for its monumental transition from Ethereum’s layer-2 to a standalone blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • The upgrade embodies a move towards complete decentralization, with dYdX Trading Inc. giving up control, emphasizing community governance, and discontinuing trading fee collection.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) world has been closely observing the pioneering innovations brought forth by the dYdX decentralized exchange (DEX). In a significant development, dYdX has announced the initiation of its v4 upgrade, marking an epochal transition away from the existing Ethereum layer-2 network to establish its presence in the dynamic Cosmos ecosystem with a standalone blockchain. This bold move exhibits not just the growth of dYdX, but also sets the benchmark for other DeFi platforms in terms of adaptability and evolution in the rapidly changing crypto landscape.

A new chapter in decentralization and transparency

Central to the ethos of the blockchain world, open-sourcing code not only promises unparalleled transparency but also fosters an environment of collaborative growth. By open-sourcing its v4 code, dYdX offers an olive branch to developers worldwide. This move not only allows for an inclusive review of the codebase but also ensures that potential bugs and loopholes can be identified and rectified promptly, further strengthening the reliability and credibility of the system.

Antonio Juliano, the founder and CEO of dYdX Trading, while discussing this pivotal move with CoinDesk, expressed his enthusiasm, “It’s indeed a thrilling phase. Imagine a product in the DeFi space, which already enjoys a significant market fit, witnessing an average daily trade of a billion dollars on dYdX, now transitioning towards complete decentralization by leveraging a fresh technological foundation. Such a paradigm shift, of this magnitude, is truly unprecedented in the crypto world.”

This transition, if accepted by the community post a governance vote steered by the dYdX Foundation, will culminate in the activation of the new main network, commonly referred to as the “mainnet”.

dYdX: The vision of a fully decentralized and community-operated exchange

The v4 upgrade isn’t merely a technical transition. It encapsulates dYdX’s broader vision of decentralization and community engagement. According to insights from a press release by dYdX Trading Inc., the original developers behind the exchange, this upgrade will metamorphose the exchange into a fully decentralized entity, operated and governed by the community. This means that dYdX Trading Inc. will relinquish its control over the protocol. Moreover, the company will cease to collect trading fees, signifying its commitment to fostering a genuinely decentralized ecosystem.

This transformation underscores a significant shift in the operational dynamics of the exchange. Once the v4 version is up and running on the mainnet, any future modifications or upgrades to the system will not be unilaterally decided by the core team. Instead, such decisions will be contingent upon governance votes by the broader dYdX community, mediated through the Foundation. This embodies the true spirit of decentralization, where power is not concentrated in the hands of a few, but is instead dispersed and vested in the community that fuels and drives the platform.

Charting uncharted waters and setting new benchmarks

While the crypto industry is no stranger to upgrades and evolutions, the move by dYdX is unique in many ways. First and foremost, the scale of this transition is monumental. Transitioning from an established layer-2 network atop Ethereum to create a standalone blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem is no mean feat. It signifies not just technical adaptability but also showcases the exchange’s foresight and willingness to evolve in alignment with the broader industry dynamics.

Furthermore, The decision to become fully decentralized and community-operated is a testament to dYdX’s commitment to its users and the broader DeFi community. By relinquishing control and ceasing fee collection, dYdX Trading Inc. is setting a precedent, perhaps inspiring other platforms to reevaluate their operational dynamics in favor of greater decentralization and community engagement.


The v4 upgrade by dYdX is not just an update; it’s a revolution. It’s a clarion call to the DeFi world, signaling the dawn of a new era where exchanges are not just platforms for trade but are vibrant communities, self-governed and poised to shape the future of finance.

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