Drift Protocol Introduces Points Reward Program

Drift Protocol Introduces Points Reward Program

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  • Drift Protocol introduces Drift Points to reward user engagement on Solana, paving the way for its native token launch and a shift toward community-driven governance.
  • Leveraging its strong position in the Solana ecosystem, Drift aims to boost user involvement and ecosystem growth, backed by significant investments and a commitment to introducing innovative features and governance models.




In a notable development for the Solana blockchain ecosystem, Drift Protocol, the leading perpetual futures trading platform on Solana, has introduced an innovative points reward program. 

The initiative is set to precede the much-anticipated launch of Drift’s native token. The program, aptly named Drift Points, is designed to incentivize and reward the platform’s users for their engagement and contributions.

Drift protocol rewarding User engagement and preparing for a token launch

Drift Protocol’s points program is not just an event; it marks the beginning of a comprehensive reward structure aimed at recognizing and valuing the activities of its users. Cindy Leow, the co-founder of Drift Protocol, shared insights with The Block, revealing that the program commenced today and is set to conclude in March. The distribution of Drift Points is meticulously planned, with the inaugural distribution slated for February 2nd.

Leow elaborated on the structure of the rewards, stating, “There will be around 100 million Drift points issued per month.” These points are not distributed arbitrarily; they are meticulously allocated based on users’ trading volumes and their involvement in crucial platform activities such as market making and liquidity provision. The structured approach ensures that the most active and contributing members of the Drift community are recognized and rewarded.

The program is not solely forward-looking; it also acknowledges the platform’s past users. Leow mentioned that for those who have been part of the Drift ecosystem prior to the announcement, the platform has already taken “numerous checkpoints and snapshots” to ensure that their contributions are not overlooked.

Progressive decentralization and community empowerment

A noteworthy aspect of Drift Protocol’s roadmap is its commitment to progressive decentralization, a journey that begins with the introduction of a governance token. The token represents a shift towards community ownership and governance. Leow highlighted the plans surrounding the governance token, which involve the formation of an elected risk council. The council, comprising token holders, will wield authority, overseeing crucial aspects such as protocol upgrades, fee structures, and technical parameters.

The launch of the Drift token is scheduled to occur shortly after the culmination of the points program in March. While specific details about the correlation between Drift points and the token airdrop remain under wraps, Leow assured that there would be a meaningful relationship between the two, hinting at a well-thought-out strategy to reward the platform’s loyal users.

Leveraging industry success stories 

Drift Protocol’s initiatives are not occurring in isolation. The platform is drawing inspiration from the success of other prominent players in the Solana ecosystem, such as Jito Network. Jito’s recent rewards program and token airdrop have set a precedent, contributing to the growth of the Solana ecosystem. The success stories of these protocols underscore the potential and effectiveness of well-structured reward programs and token launches in enhancing user engagement and ecosystem growth.

As the ninth-largest decentralized finance protocol on Solana, Drift boasts an impressive total value locked of over $113 million, according to data from DeFi Llama. The platform’s impact is further evidenced by its processing of over $4 billion in trading volume, serving a robust user base of more than 80,000 individuals.

Founded in 2021, Drift has garnered the support of notable investors, including Polychain Capital and Solana Labs co-founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal. The project’s recent Series A funding round, which raised $23.5 million last October, is a testament to its potential and the confidence of its backers. Looking ahead, Drift is gearing up to introduce an array of new features, including a redesigned mobile app and innovative governance modules, further solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the decentralized finance landscape.


Drift Protocol’s introduction of the Drift Points reward program marks a step in its journey toward fostering a more engaged, decentralized, and user-centric ecosystem. With its focus on rewarding user engagement, commitment to progressive decentralization, and the anticipation of its token launch, Drift is poised to set new standards in the decentralized finance sector and drive the Solana ecosystem to new heights.

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