Dogecoin Price: lies between $0.00200 and $0.00207

On December 21, the Dogecoin price line exhibits steep price jumps between in the $0.00200 ⁠— $0.00207 range.

Dogecoin 24-Hour Analysis

dogecoin price

Price Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency began the price-journey at the $0.00201 mark, while it short right up to the $0.00208 right after 12 minutes into the day. The coin shows short-lived variations between the two mentioned marks on the price chart. After 3:00 GMT, the cryptocurrency varied just below the $0.00200 mark until 5:01 GMT when it reached $0.00200011, immediately after which it jumped above $0.00207.

The cryptocurrency kept the lows of its variations in between the $0.00199000 and $0.00201000 price marks, while its highs were observed between the $0.00206000 to $0.00209000 range. Closer to the end of the day, the lows moved right under $0.0020, whereas the highs were kept to be near $0.00207. At the writing time, the Dogecoin/USD trading pair lied at 0.00199696 US Dollars.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

dogecoin price chart

Dogecoin Price Chart by TradingView

Dogecoin’s Relative Strength Index for December 21 depicts various overbought conditions of the coin. As its day’s high, the RSI achieved a maximum value of 96.87, whereas it also got to a level as low as 16.09. At the writing time, the RSI was observed at 40.32.

The MACD lines diverge from the trading pair’s price line whenever the coin drops below $0.00204000. The 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) was seen at $0.00199830 as the day came about its end, whereas the 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) concluded at $0.00200530.

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