Dogecoin needs dedicated node operators running “1.14.4” update

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TL;DR Breakdown:

  • Dogecoin creator Billy Markus say more dedicated node operators and miners are needed to  upgrade to 1.14.4 update.
  • The new release will introduce bug fixed and fee reduction to the network.

More Dogecoin miners and dedicated node operators are needed to upgrade the latest “1.14.4” core update to enable more improvement on the network, including reduced transaction fee, the co-creator Billy Markus narrated in a tweet on Wednesday. 


More dedication to Dogecoin

Node operators are among the code backbones of a blockchain network, and so it’s necessary for them to update to the latest Dogecoin core 1.14.4 to keep the network moving, although it’s not compulsory according to Markus. What really matters is “for mining pools and miners to update to 1.14.4.”

He further stressed that anyone from the community can choose to help the network by running nodes on the latest version. However, they ought to be dedicated and consistently contributing to the network. In his words, “running a node on your laptop that gets turned and off is more for you and your learning than it is for the network.”

“And that’s fine – not everyone needs to help the network. But if people are wondering why I’m not screaming “everyone run a node” at the top of my lungs constantly, it’s because that isn’t really the thing that’s needed short term. What’s needed is for mining pools to update,” Markus further noted. 

Elon Musk says 1.14.4 is important

So far, there are 960 active nodes running the latest 1.14.4 update. All the existing mining pools updating to 1.14.4 will be just enough to enable the successful release of the proposed improvements to Dogecoin. As Cryptopolitan reported in August, the core devs proposed a bug fix and fee reduction on the network. At the time, the billionaire founder of Tesla and Dogecoin proponent, Elon Musk supported the latest release and said it is “important.”

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