Doge meme Shiba Inu dog to be auctioned off as NFT

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  • Doge meme to be auctioned as NFT
  • How Doge meme came to existence
  • Internet meme becoming a thing in NFT market

The Shiba Inu dog used as a symbol of meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin is set to be auctioned off in the NFT market. The dog, which is now a global symbol would rake hundreds of thousands of dollars, given its popularity and the ongoing meme NFT trend.

The Shiba Inu dog NFT would be auctioned off in the marketplace Zora, and the bidding has already started on Tuesday. In addition, the meme would be endorsed by Know Your Meme, an internet meme database.

Like many others, proceeds from the auction of the meme photo would be donated to a charity.

Shiba Inu Dog and Doge meme, how it all began

The Shiba Inu Dog, which is now the symbol of meme coin Doge, belongs to Atsuko Sato, a Japanese nursery teacher. In 2010, Atsuko casually snapped some photos of her rescue dog, Kabosu, sitting on a couch in her apartment and uploading them to her personal blog. The photo of the dog is what translated to the symbol of Dogecoin now.

Now a decade since that famous photoshoot, Kabosu, known to the internet as the face of Doge, is 14 years old but still just as prevalent around the web.

Know Your Meme chief editor, Don Caldwell, who recently spoke with Atsuko said he is thrilled to be involved in this auction. “Doge is indisputably one of the most beloved and iconic memes in internet history, and Atsuko herself is such a lovely person,” he said.

Internet meme’s now charged for NFT markets

NFTs have turned into the burgeoning crypto trend, with artists, celebrities, and sports stars turning towards NFT to auction their popular memorabilia rather than a traditional auction house.

When the NFT frenzy became a trend, digital artists, musicians, NFL stars made the most of the market where digital artist Beeple sold his piece for $69 million, while NFL stars fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now, Internet memes are becoming a thing in the space as several popular memes, including “Disaster Girl,” “Bad Luck Brian,” “Overly Attached Girlfriend,” and “Success Kid,” have fetched several thousand dollars this NFT season. Shiba Inu Dog meme could fetch more based on its popularity. Who knows?

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