$DOG Craze Wanes as $DAWGZ and $PLAY Catalyse the Meme Coin Mania

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$DOG is a new meme coin issued on Bitcoin’s Runes protocol. $DAWGZ, on the other hand, is a Base meme coin. 

Following in the footsteps of meme coins that capitalize on blockchain labels to pump, $DOG and $DAWGZ have become instant sensations.

The $DOG Craze is Waning

Although $DOG was launched on April 24th, 2024, it has already exploded to a market cap above $800 million.

$DOG has jumped 382% since May 15, 2024. Over the last seven days alone, the token has recorded a 25% surge. It is one of the hottest meme coins of this season.

$DOG was launched as part of a volunteer-run airdrop to the Bitcoin Ordinals community. Interestingly, the project has no team allocation or presale. It is driven by a simple, yet ambitious goal to “go to the moon and onboard millions of people to Bitcoin”.

Dog (Runes) 1-day price action, CoinMarketCap

The project is built on the Runes Protocol on Bitcoin. It can be traded on Bitcoin L1, Bitcoin L2s, and CEXs.

Can $DOG attain a $1 billion market cap?

That remains to be seen. But the blockchain label is predicted to help $DOG stay in the limelight for the next few days, despite the threats of a steep crash. 

The emergence of blockchain-specific meme coins like $DOG, $MEW, and $DAWGZ threatens the dominance of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

Due to the lukewarm performance of DOGE and SHIB, investors are increasingly moving to new alternatives with interesting narratives. That explains the rapid presale success of emerging meme coins like PlayDoge and Base Dawgz. 

Base Dawgz Takes Over – The Next Big Meme Coin?

Base meme coins have skyrocketed to an impressive $1.78 billion market cap this year.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) rides the viral appeal of predecessors like  Brett, Degen Coin, and Toshi to host a sensational presale. It combines the viral appeal of dog coins with the robust technical competence of the Base blockchain.

Although the dog coin has adopted a Base label, it won’t be confined by the limitations of the Base blockchain. Each blockchain boasts unique advantages. To offer an optimized user experience for investors, Base Dawgz employs a multichain strategy. It helps the project build a broad audience and expand its market presence.

Base Dawgz has also launched a share-to-earn staking mechanism that gives investors another reason to hold onto the meme coin––passive income. 

The staking system strengthens the endurance of the project even as the initial FOMO dies down. Base Dawgz will also launch airdrop campaigns and community initiatives to drive engagement and fuel token demand. 

Currently, Base Dawgz is in the presale stage. The presale is divided into multiple stages. Each new stage features a slight price increase. On the security front, Base Dawgz has completed an extensive audit by SolidProof. 

Buy $DAWGZ in the presale 

PlayDoge (PLAY) Reignites the Tamagotchi Craze with 2D Mini Adventures

PlayDoge ($PLAY) stands out in a sea of speculative coins.  

The play-to-earn meme coin comes with a nostalgic twist, kindling the 90s nostalgia for Tamagotchi-style virtual pets.

The funny and silly 2D adventures hosted on the platform require players to nurture, train, and engage with their digital companions. The more active and healthy the PlayDoge, the more the gamer amasses points.

The reward points will take them higher up the leaderboards, which in turn, will earn them more rewards. 

PlayDoge has found its home on the BNB Smart Chain. The choice was driven by  the blockchain’s cost and speed efficiency. It can make a big difference in the trading experience. 

While gaming is an excellent source of income for gamers, it has a limited user base. It doesn’t appeal to investors looking for a passive source of income.  

PlayDoge’s staking system is live for them, which offers a remarkable APY of 118% now. It will underpin the healthy price action of the token, mitigating early sell-offs. 

The PlayDoge presale is approaching the $3 million milestone now. Although most meme coins rely on luck and FOMO to survive, PlayDoge distinguishes itself by offering captivating gameplay themed around the Tamagotchi frenzy.

The reward tokens paid in $PLAY unlock a treasure trove of perks within PlayDoge’s 8-bit universe.

If the success of projects like Floki Inu is any example, PlayDoge is charting a promising journey. Grounded in play-to-earn utility, the meme coin is positioned for a wild surge.

Buy $PLAY in the presale

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