Google Docs Enhances Math Problem Solving with Smart Compose


  • Google Workspace introduces Smart Compose to assist with solving math problems in real-time.
  • The feature uses machine learning to suggest answers when users input math equations.
  • It simplifies math problem-solving but may not guarantee absolute accuracy.

Google is rolling out a new feature for Google Workspace business and education users, and it’s set to simplify math problem-solving in documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings. The enhanced Smart Compose tool uses machine learning to suggest answers to simple math equations in real time.

How It works

When users enter a math equation with an equal (=) symbol in any of the Google Workspace apps, the Smart Compose assistant will automatically provide a suggested answer. This feature is designed to streamline the process of solving math problems, making it faster and more convenient.

Google emphasizes that while Smart Compose can assist with math, it cannot guarantee absolute accuracy, but it aims to make mathematical tasks easier for users. The calculations occur almost instantaneously, as soon as the equals key is pressed.

User experience

Once Smart Compose detects a math equation and suggests a solution, users will see the suggestion in a greyed-out format. To insert the solution into the document, users can simply press the tab key. If they wish to ignore the suggestion, they can press the space bar instead.

Google’s demonstration of Smart Compose showcased its ability to solve equations with multiple steps, correctly following the order of operations. While Google describes the feature as handling “simple” math problems, the exact scope of its capabilities remains unspecified.

Rollout schedule

For paid Google Workspace business and education customers, the Smart Compose feature will be enabled by default. The rollout began for organizations on rapid release schedules, with a potential 15-day timeframe to reach all users. Users with scheduled releases can expect the feature to start on December 18 and complete its rollout 15 days later.

Admin control and availability

Notably, Google states that there is no admin control over the Smart Compose feature, suggesting that its use cannot be restricted by administrators. However, this feature is not available for personal Google Workspace accounts at the moment.

While Google touts the increased productivity and accuracy benefits of Smart Compose for math equations, educators may have reservations about students using this tool in educational settings.

Google’s enhancement of the Smart Compose feature in Google Workspace aims to simplify math problem solving for users in various applications. With its machine learning capabilities, it offers real-time suggestions to streamline the process, although it is designed for “simple” math problems and may not guarantee absolute accuracy. The feature rollout is ongoing, benefiting business and education users within the Google Workspace environment.

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