Disney may just be buying Bitstamp and Korbit in over $13b

Presently, Disney is taking decisions which are expected to turn it into the most experienced bitcoin exchange company. Recently, a report has stated that Disney is striving to secure about ninety-nine percent (98.6%) shares to cordon off the game developing and publishing firm Nexon.

Nixon, partly possessed by NXC with forty-seven percent (47%) stakes, had announced its plans of selling it to invite major enterprises. Other major gaming firms have been reported to be ventured into blockchain technology. These firms are expected to unveil their crypto-related projects shortly.

On the other hand, Disney is considered as the most favorite purchaser, as the NXC’s chief has contacted the US firm personally.

The multi-billion dollar deal will provide the buyer with a direct entrée to Bitstamp thru the investment configuration of NXC. In addition, the buyer will also enjoy entrance to the firm Korbit.

While multiple other firms are competing to purchase NXC stocks, the NXC chief apparently decided to trade them to the Disney.

With the amount of experience owned by Disney in the crypto sector, the probability of the firm keeping Bitstamp and Korbit after the achievement is slight.

Conversely, while both firms are still synchronized and carrying out the crypto industry hopes, Disney might end up keeping them both.

During the past few days, Bitstamp had been granted a BitLicense to work for customers in NYC. With the provision of BitLicense, it is unambiguous that Bitstamp is all set to trade in the USA. Hence, resulting in the realization of exchanges easy after Disney finally purchases the stakes.