Disney Lorcana Discloses the Rest of Encanto’s Madrigal family


  • For each family indicator in the game, there are corresponding skills and collaborative gameplay, which mean much more through planning can be developed by players.
  • The Encanto family Madrigals added more tactical depth and unity in the Ursula Return extension to Laroca.
  • Ursula’s Return update will see the merging of beloved storylines from Disney, and fans will be fascinated by the twinning of The Little Mermaid and Encanto.

The enchanting universe of Disney Lorcana is about to enter the realm of fantasy with the upgrade Expansion, Ursula Returns which includes the Madrigal family joining the rank of the heroes from the film that stole millions of hearts, Encanto. This expansion, powered by Little Mermaid serves as a guarantee of thrilling gameplay as players endeavor to thwart Ursula’s evil plans.

Madrigal family cards disclosed

Fans will have a glimpse at the Madrigals theme cards, in an exciting revelation by Polygon set to be their first debut in Ursula’s Return. This powerful ability reinforces the offensive abilities of the Madrigal family and facilitates strategic recovery during the game. 

Bruno’s Return. This is one of the main cards of the game that allows players to revive their character directly from the discard pile to their hand. On the other hand, the power to self-heal strengthens the offensive capabilities of the Madrigal Family and makes strategic come-back more viable.

Pepa Madrigal This is another problematic element of the film that deals with Bruno’s sister. 5 solid defenses here make this card a powerhouse. It adds a layer of tactics to the gameplay through its exceptional power to instill opposing characters caught in the rain, dropping off the enemies, and turning the tide in favor of the Madrigal family. 

Camilo Madrigal Along with it is Camilo Madrigal, who also goes by the name of the Prankster with “Many Forms” power that gives him mobility. Gamers can choose to upgrade either their skill sets or attempt gathering lore based on the situation, as Camilo Madrigal is a strong tool for the strategy.

Isabela Madrigal As for Isabela Madrigal, also known as the Golden Child, her fictitious play system is based on the cards “Ladies First” and “Leave It To Me”. In the same way, the Card only targets her, therefore leaving yet another protective layer. The reason that she is a heroine is her methods by which she does things in a heroic way, not in a situation only.

Casa Madrigal Casita In the Madrigal family’s area of weapons and armor,” Casa Madrigal, Casita” is the location card. This spot is well-protected with a defense value of six and the ink of less cost for moving; therefore, it works as a strong strategic point. Through a tiebreaker feature, “Our Home,” not only scores lore but also gamifies the Madrigals’ strategic interest in the presence of their members on the card.

Ursula’s Return

Source Disney Lorcana X

May 17th is almost in only a couple of days more and the players of Disney Lorcana have started sweating already for a gaming trip with almost in eyes. The merging of Encanto’s Madrigal family with the old The Little Mermaid story can be thus assumed that there will be remarkable options for both the story and gameplay.

As players plunge into the depths of  Ursula’s sinister plot, they will have the chance to utilize the Madrigal family’s exceptional powers and cooperate to baffle evil. Whether bringing allies back to life, altering weather, or using twin powers, the cards are the way to guide us through the intricacy of Disney magic.

Embrace the experience

With the approaching release date, Ursula’s Return is gradually building up anticipation. With its enthralling storyline, interactive gameplay mechanism and the addition of beloved characters from the movie Encanto, the game expansion is bound to keep players of any age hooked. Together forge the allies and draw up your tactics accordingly then the match steps into the beautiful world of Disney Lorcana.

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