Discover the Secrets Within Top Essential Business Reads


  • Munger’s wisdom: Embrace mistakes, learn, and thrive.
  • Ury’s approach: Reshape conflicts constructively for transformative outcomes.
  • Horwath’s strategy: Navigate complexity with clarity for success.

Prominent leadership expert Marcel Schwantes has curated a selection of insightful business books to empower leaders and founders seeking success in the new year. 

With topics ranging from strategic thinking to conflict resolution and career advancement, these books offer actionable strategies and wisdom from renowned industry veterans.

Marcel Schwantes’ expert reads selections

Marcel Schwantes, an esteemed Inc.com contributing editor and founder of Leadership From the Core, has handpicked four compelling titles aimed at guiding business leaders toward achieving their goals in 2024. 

With a focus on practical advice and real-world applications, these books provide invaluable resources for navigating the complexities of modern leadership.

The Top Picks for Success in 2024

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Essential Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger

Delve into the timeless wisdom of Charles T. Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, and renowned investor alongside Warren Buffet. Munger’s insights transcend finance, offering practical advice applicable to various facets of life. With a focus on learning from mistakes and leveraging adversity, this book provides a rare glimpse into the mind of a visionary leader.

Possible: How We Survive (and Thrive) in the Age of Conflict

In “Possible,” negotiation expert Wiliam Ury presents a groundbreaking approach to conflict resolution. Drawing on decades of experience, Ury offers transformative strategies to navigate and reshape conflicts constructively. 

By unlocking the power of constructive engagement, readers can overcome challenges and seize opportunities in an increasingly polarized world.

Strategic: The Skill to Set Direction, Create Advantage, and Achieve Executive Excellence

Authored by Rich Horwath, CEO of Strategic Thinking Institute Rich Horwath’s “Strategic” equips executives with essential tools for navigating today’s dynamic business landscape. With a focus on strategic fitness and clarity amidst complexity, Horwath introduces a comprehensive framework for effective decision-making and growth. By mastering the art of strategy, leaders can confidently steer their organizations towards success.

Career Forward: Strategies From Women Who’ve Made it

Written by Grace Puma, Former PepsiCo COO, and Christiana Smith Shi, Former Nike President of Consumer Direct Career Forward” challenges conventional notions of female ambition, urging women to prioritize long-term career paths over immediate job titles. 

Authors Grace Puma and Christiana Smith Shi offer empowering insights and actionable strategies for achieving professional success. By focusing on skill development and strategic networking, women can unlock their full potential and reach leadership heights.

Empowering leaders for the future

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the demand for effective leadership remains paramount. Marcel Schwantes’ curated selection of books provides invaluable resources for leaders seeking to enhance their skills and drive organizational success in 2024 and beyond.

Whether tackling conflicts, honing strategic thinking, or advancing careers, these books offer practical guidance to navigate the complexities of modern business with confidence and resilience.

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