Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Offers Controller Support on PC

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  • “Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat” on PC now supports controllers for better gameplay.
  • Supported controllers: DualSense, DualShock 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Download the PC version, connect your controller, and customize settings for smooth gaming.

To enhance the gaming experience of Devil May Cry enthusiasts, the developers behind Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat have made a significant move. Players can now enjoy the game with the precision and familiarity of a controller, a feature that aligns with the franchise’s history of frantic action and precision gameplay. 

However, it’s essential to note that this controller support is exclusively available for the game’s PC version.

Controller compatibility for Devil May Cry: Peak of combat

Controller support in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is great news to fans who have grown accustomed to the franchise’s intense action and fast-paced combat. Whether you prefer using a DualShock, DualSense, or an Xbox controller, the precision offered by a physical controller undoubtedly surpasses the touchscreen controls on mobile devices. 

Recognizing this preference among the player base, the developers have taken a thoughtful approach to cater to the diverse gaming preferences.

Supported controllers

For PC players eager to embrace the familiar control scheme of the Devil May Cry series, the good news is that the game offers support for a wide range of controllers. Here is a list of compatible controllers from the 8th and 9th console generations:

DualSense (PlayStation 5)

DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4)

Xbox One

Xbox Series X/S

How to Enable Controller Support

To enjoy Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat with a controller on the PC version, follow these simple steps:

Install the PC Version: Controller support is available exclusively on the game’s PC version. Visit the game’s official website to access and download the PC version.

Connect Your Controller: Ensure your preferred controller is properly connected and functioning before launching the game. This step is crucial to prevent any detection or compatibility issues.

Start the Game: Once the game is launched, your connected controller should be automatically detected, seamlessly integrating it into the gaming experience.

Adjust Key Bindings: For those who prefer customized control layouts, the game’s settings menu allows you to adjust key bindings to align with your preferences.

Controller functions

In Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the controller functions have been tailored to mimic the console experience while optimizing gameplay on PC. Here is a breakdown of how the controller functions:

Basic Attacks and Skills: The controller’s face buttons, such as circle, cross, square, and triangle on the PlayStation controller, are utilized for basic attacks and skills.

Camera Management: The right joystick modifies camera angles and movement. Pushing it up or down adjusts the camera angle forward or backward, while left or right rotation is achieved by shifting the joystick in the respective direction.

Character Movement: The left joystick controls the character’s movement. Pushing it forward or pulling it back corresponds to moving the character forward or backward. For strafing, tilt the joystick to the left or right.

Character Switch: To toggle between playable characters, players can use the left and right bumpers (LT/RT for Xbox, L1/R1 for PlayStation).

Ultimate Ability: The left and right triggers (LT/RT for Xbox, L1/R1 for PlayStation) are the triggers for launching ultimate abilities against adversaries.

Emulator usage for PC play

It’s worth noting that to play Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat on PC, players will need to utilize an emulator. While several emulators are available, the game provides official support exclusively to LDPlayer. Emulators bridge mobile games and the PC platform, ensuring smooth gameplay with your preferred controller.

With these steps and emulator support, fans of the Devil May Cry franchise can immerse themselves in the latest installment while enjoying the comfort and precision controllers offer.

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