Destiny 2 Announces Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Event

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  • Bungie announces a collaboration event between Destiny 2 and Dungeons & Dragons set for release on June 4.
  • The collaboration coincides with Destiny 2’s major expansion- The Final Shape.
  • Additional D&D-themed items like the Owlbear Chariot vehicle, Bigby’s Fist finisher, and Natural 20 emote are available.

Bungie has announced that there will be a collaboration between Destiny 2 and Dungeons & Dragons. This will be released with Destiny 2’s new expansion called The Final Shape on June 4, as this year marks Dungeons & Dragons’ 50th anniversary.

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As the crossover event nears, gamers can look forward to an enriched Destiny 2 experience decorated with a touch of Dungeons & Dragons magic. Such a combination of sci-fi of the future and familiar magical fantasy will certainly not leave the players indifferent and is expected in numerous events all over the world.

New Skins and Gear in Eververse

Bungie plans to release Destiny 2 Faerûn-themed armor within the Eververse store to commemorate the occasion. These include the Gold Dragon-themed Apex Draconic set for Titans, the Mind Flayers-themed Flayer’s Dominion set for Warlocks, and lastly, the Spectral Displacer Hunter set. These skins keep the key distinctive features of the Dungeons & Dragons universe and add the staples of Destiny 2’s sci-fi setting.

Additional in-game items like the Adventurer’s Pack Bundle, which features the Queen of Dragons Ship, the Owlbear Chariot, and the Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell, will also be available. This includes the Bigby’s Fist Finisher and the new Emote known as the Natural 20, which, when used, can result in a roll of a dice, something that can only be expected of Dungeons & Dragons.

Guardians Gear Up for the Battle in The Final Shape

The launch of The Final Shape is an important event for Destiny 2, promising to wrap up the current vast storyline for the game. In this final expansion, Guardians are called to an epic showdown inside the Traveler to prevent the Witness from transforming reality into a distorted nightmare. This battle will have players team up with the Vanguard and fan favorite Cayde-6 to fight through The Pale Heart to combat the Witness’s immense army.

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The expansion will introduce new enemies and bizarre landscapes. Guardians will wield Prismatic powers, which blend the forces of Light and Darkness innovatively, offering new gameplay mechanics and strategies.

Destiny 2 Continues Tradition with exciting Crossover Celebrations

Destiny 2 is no stranger to crossover events, having previously included elements from The Witcher and Mass Effect. The community has embraced these collaborations, mainly citing that they have introduced versatility to the game’s universe. The specific case concerning the Dungeons & Dragons crossover can be considered noteworthy because this event occurred in connection with an important anniversary of the D&D game, and it demonstrates the latter’s persistent impact on the gaming industry as well as the community’s passion regarding the subject.

As the crossover event approaches, both newcomers and long-time players look forward to an enriched world of Destiny 2 experience, adorned with a touch of Dungeons & Dragons magic. This combination of sci-fi and classic fantasy promises to give an exciting gameplay experience.

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