Deloitte surveyed on crypto adoptions among US retailers



• The business advisory firm worked on the investigation with PayPal
• Deloitte indicates that the crypto industry will increase its adoption in the next 5 years

Recently, the business consulting firm Deloitte, with the electronic wallet PayPal, completed a survey regarding virtual currencies. According to reports, around 2,000 high-profile business US citizens participated.

After field research, it was concluded that over 80 percent of those surveyed believe that the crypto market will be prioritized in the long term, to be more explicit in about 5 years. Meanwhile, the crypto industry continues to recover as new projects are developed and the wave of hobbyists rises.

Deloitte analyzes the cryptocurrency market


Deloitte, a business advisory firm is providing its services for more than a century, analyzes the crypto market claiming that cryptos will be used more frequently in the coming years. According to the company, it is already normal to see cryptos as a payment method in online and physical stores. The company said that in the next 5 years, the crypto adoptions wave would increase as Americans have become increasingly optimistic about its use.

Deloitte indicates that according to its analysis, at least 54 percent of retail chains with an admission of approximately $500,000,000 have dedicated around $1,000,000 to enable crypto-payments. 6 percent of retail micro-chains with an admission of $10,000,000 have also participated in crypto adoption.

Research indicates that cryptos and their stablecoins are an attractive technology for the business class. However, there is still misinformation about the crypto scheme, making it difficult to use on a large scale.

Crypto adoption landscape changes for the better


Deloitte has not only prepared extensive research on the crypto market, but, has also done its survey. According to the crypto company that dominates in the United States, at least 75 percent of its users are interested in acquiring services through cryptos. But 60 percent of the citizenry is focused on crypto adoption by 2022.

The survey adds that many people want to use crypto to pay for their trips. However, only 24 percent of agencies and airlines have accepted the technology. Likewise, there is a rise in crypto acceptance focused on real estate.

Deloitte and analyses are very encouraging despite virtual trading continuing in a bearish streak. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly valued by retailers and entrepreneurs looking to focus their business on new technology. To this is added the use of NFTs and their incursion into the Metaverse that every day becomes a reality for many people.

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Written by Carisbel Guaramato

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