DeFi staking protocol accidentally pays $90.1 million to users


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• The DeFi protocol had a failure in its last update, attracting a monetary loss.
• Two COMP users admit to having received transfers without justification.

DeFi-based algorithmic protocol Compound is in jeopardy by mistakenly sending money to users. The decentralized finance company accidentally sent more than $90 million to users after updating its platform.

CNBC magazine reports the 1st of October that the CEO of the crypto Finance protocol released a statement asking for the monies back. Leshner, who manages the compound’s work, admits these transactions were made in error and politely asks that they be returned to his wallet.

Compound statement regarding the erroneous transaction


Compound, a DeFi platform that has been in business for some time, started October in the worst way by mistakenly sending $90 million to users. In a statement, the company developer says that anyone who has received the money in COMP without justification has to return it. However, the company’s head also says that users can keep 10 percent of the money as a truce.

The DeFi platform updated its system on September 29. Leshner, who created and ran COMP, clarifies that this new project failed, leading to clients getting free money. The agent also says this failure could last for the next few days, making them start October in the worst way.

Within minutes of the compound creator’s announcement on Twitter, a user said that he received $29 million worth of cryptos from COMP. But another client admitted that he received more than $20 million in COMP tokens.

Compound is the fifth most used DeFi platform in the world

Compound represents the fifth most used DeFi platform in the world. The company has a net worth exceeding $9.60 billion, positioning it as great in cryptocurrency trading.

The company has excelled at lending the most cryptocurrencies to new digital market enthusiasts. But the DeFi protocol offers liquid currency trading that works through commission fees. The company is much loved and admired by American crypto fans, and this flaw could significantly deplete the trust.

Compound has not yet announced if the funds have been recovered. However, the team is tracking the wallets they were sent to. It is not yet known what else the system update brought, but it did bring many failures in the transactions.

It is expected that Compound will recover from this small setback and gain more users. The DeFi platform is preparing to launch new crypto solutions that benefit its clients. Other decentralized finance protocols have had similar errors, showing that their system is not perfect but does everything possible to be as functional as possible.

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