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DashDirect app offers crypto payments to its users


TL;DR Breakdown

• DashDirect will be accepted by over 100 online stores.
• The crypto payment wallet will be backed by Dash.

The crypto market is going through a time of popularity, surrounded by memes, influential entrepreneurs, and speculations that motivate investment.

Cryptocurrencies have had adoption problems since the first token was created in 2008. But DashDirect plans to fix all those problems towards cryptocurrencies. The crypto app promises to improve crypto adoption through transactions, deposits, or withdrawals.

DashDirect is powered by Dash, created for fast transactions with adjustable interest rates. This app will allow users to spend their tokens in over 150 thousand renowned stores in the United States. Besides that, the user will withdraw their Dash in over 100 online stores and save 12 percent on purchases.

DashDirect – The app that promises low-interest payments


The DashDirect app was created by Cray Pay CEO Marshall Greenwald and Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor. This app gives fast transactions to users used to make payments in cryptocurrencies. However, it is only focused on the Dash Blockchain, ranked 58th among the most popular cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap.

The Dash Core group has built the best technology to promote cryptocurrency payments. Cray Pay also focuses on creating technology that powers crypto payments around the world. Both companies could change the use of the tokens and regulate them as a purchase option for several companies.

Crypto payments: A challenge for fintech companies

Although DashDirect to boost payments in crypto sounds simple, it was difficult to achieve. Getting people to go from USD transactions to coins was a challenge, but it was finally achieved. The key to success in the app is that it promises interest-free transactions with savings in payments.

DashDirect is on the App Store, iTunes, and Android. Something peculiar about the app is that it is linked to CrayPay, and users can receive a Gift Card.

Many crypto fans in the United States think that the app will work wonders for online purchases from home. Users, especially women, seek discounts on their online purchases, and the app is there to support them. Even the mobile app serves as a guide for crypto beginners.

However, there is still a long way to go for countries to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. But the Dash-backed mobile app proposal could enhance that support in the United States and other countries.

Carisbel Guaramato

Carisbel Guaramato

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