Dash Price: Tracing 8% higher

The Dash price concluded its bearish run of the day before to welcome the bullish inclinations which swept their way into the 18th of December, increasing by eight percent.

Dash Price 1-Day Analysis – 18th December (DASH/USD)

Dash Price Analysis Dec 18 Chart 1

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

As per the price chart above, the price of Dash showcased a slight increase over the second half of the day. These bullish inclinations were met with surges pointing upwards, inevitably leading the price to elevated marks relative to the opening value.

The DASH/USD trading pair initiated its route at the $41.10 value. From this point, the couple traced a path deviating only slightly from the opening value. The coin fell to its support at $39.87, which allowed the price to surge as the bulls garnered their momentum. The surge allowed the price to reach the day’s ultimate, but the short-lived high of $48.55. Eventually, the pair terminated its 24-hour run at the $44.55 mark, having increased by eight percent. 

Technical Indicators

Dash Price Analysis Dec 18 Chart 2

Dash Price Chart by Trading View

As per the full-featured chart above, the DASH/USD trading pair found itself showing some deviations from its moving averages. This was converged nearing the close with the 50-Day Simple Moving Average closing at $44.66 and the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average closing at $44.50.

There were several instances of oversold and overbought shares occurring throughout the day. Thus, there was significant trading on the 18th. The highest RSI of 88.89 resulted in an extreme surge. The lowest RSI was coupled with oversold shares, occurring at 23.00. The RSI closed at 51.10.

Featured Image Background by Jade Stephens