Dash Platform plans to remove the cryptographic address in transactions

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  • Dash Platform is planned to become a cloud system
  • It will feature decentralized data storage
  • The transaction will be conducted using usernames

Dash Platform plans to develop into the cloud system while at the same time abandon the use of addresses in transactions. This information came from its CEO, Ryan Taylor. He revealed on September, 18th that the Dash Platform intends to streamline the way users send or receive funds. Instead of a cryptographic address, users will be able to send and receive funds using username and blockchain identity.

The main goal of the Dash Platform is to have a better user experience. Taylor also said that this new Dash’s developments should improve the efficiency of the Dash system. Dash Platform will also host a DApp API and decentralized storage system.

Dash Platform – DApp Development

Creators of the Dash Platform aim to develop a fully decentralized blockchain solution. It should allow users to make transactions based on their usernames and without the need of including a third-party service.

Its Decentralized API (DAP) will mean an expanded offering, and virtually endless opportunity to host decentralized apps on the network.

Taylor is convinced that it will be a revolutionary change in the industry and “an explosion of use-cases and easy integration of new merchants.”

Removing cryptographic addresses

Crypto transactions require cryptographic addresses. They are very long and carry great risks of losing them or even worse losing the cryptos. For example, one small error in the address will always result in losing access to funds, and if the address becomes known to malevolent actors loss of funds.

The risk is involved in both cases, whether the users store it themselves or use a third-party solution. Data breaches happen every day and no one is really safe from them. Individual personal email accounts can be compromised by viruses and similar threats. On the other hand, third-party’s services are always a tempting target for malicious hackers. In both scenarios the possibility of losing funds is big.

Dash Platform plans to provide access with usernames and facilitate connecting with other users via a ubiquitous “friend request” form. After accepting such a request, the users will be allowed to make transactions between each other without using cryptographic addresses.

Dash Platform’s team expects that this will both help crypto adoption even beyond the technophile users. The other benefit is the reduced security risk. In the press release, Taylor said that the Dash Platform allows data to sync across devices.

“So I can have the same user account on my tablet as I have on my desktop or my mobile phone. If I create a friend request on one of those devices, it should sync across all of them.”

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