Dark and Darker Returns: Set to Debut on Epic Games Store


  • Dark and Darker is returning to gaming platforms, starting with the Epic Games Store.
  • There’s uncertainty about its return to Steam, but efforts are being made to create a shared player pool.
  • Ironmace urges fans to wishlist the game on Epic, and promises continued support for the community.

After a year-long absence from major distribution platforms, fans of the acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons style hardcore RPG and PvPvE extraction dungeon crawler Dark and Darker can rejoice. Developer Ironmace has announced its return, beginning with a strategic move to the Epic Games Store.

Epic debut: Dark and Darker arrives on new platform

Ironmace’s decision to reintroduce Dark and Darker on the Epic Games Store is pivotal for the game’s dedicated community. In an official statement on the Dark and Darker Discord, Ironmace developer ‘Terence’ expressed excitement over this significant step towards expanding the game’s reach. Launching the Epic Games Store’s Dark and Darker store page signals the developer’s commitment to delivering a polished product to its loyal fanbase.

While the arrival of Dark and Darker on the Epic Games Store is a celebration, Steam users may wonder about the game’s future availability on the popular platform. Ironmace’s statement, notably referring to the Epic Games Store launch as “a first step,” suggests a potential return to Steam and other platforms may be on the horizon. 

However, concrete details regarding Dark and Darker’s status on Steam remain elusive. Ironmace expressed hopes of returning to Steam, but the specifics remain uncertain, including whether players would need to repurchase the game. Nevertheless, Ironmace emphasizes its dedication to facilitating shared player pools across PC platforms, indicating efforts to maintain continuity for existing players.

Community engagement: Encouraging enthusiasm and support

In light of Dark and Darker’s reemergence on the Epic Games Store, Ironmace urges fans to demonstrate their enthusiasm by wishlisting the game on the new platform. By actively engaging with the community and collaborating with various partners, Ironmace aims to cultivate a vibrant and enduring player base. 

The developer expresses gratitude for the unwavering support received from fans throughout the game’s journey, underscoring a commitment to nurturing a thriving community for Dark and Darker enthusiasts.

As Dark and Darker prepares to make its triumphant return, the debut on the Epic Games Store signifies a significant milestone for both the game and its dedicated player base. While uncertainties regarding Dark and Darker’s availability on Steam persist, Ironmace’s proactive approach and commitment to fostering community engagement reassure fans eagerly anticipating the game’s resurgence. 

With enthusiasm mounting and anticipation building, Dark and Darker’s reentry into the gaming landscape promises to reignite the passion of veteran players and captivate new audiences alike.

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