CX Technologies insolvent, 78 employees appeal

CX Technologies declared bankrupt as 78 of its employees employ court injunction following a misleading statement by CX Technologies.

The Israeli company, CX Technologies, actually manages DX. Exchange, but the Exchange website states an Estonia-based cryptocurrency company as the owner of the organization.

Based on this misinformation was the petition by the Israeli company employees made at an Israeli court.

CX Technologies petition

The petition also dragged Israeli company into a multi-million dollar option scam involving a software company, SpotOption. The employees alleged that Israeli company is a successor to the software company banned in January 2018 following the raid by Israeli police and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The non-payment of salaries was another issue mentioned in the petition. As at the time of the appeal, the employees of Israeli company disclosed that they were still being owed September and October salaries.

Worthy of mention is the relationship between Miriam Mileikowsky, CX executive, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister’s first cousin, Ory Mileikowsky, is the husband to Miriam Mileikowsky, who lost about 90% of investment funds and was nearly bankrupt.

Featured image by: Gerd Altmann.