CUSD stablecoin introduced by Canadian blockchain enterprise

CUSD stablecoin introduced by Canadian blockchain enterprise

Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. (BVIC), the largest blockchain enterprise in Canda, has officially launched the CUSD stablecoin.

This announcement comes soon after the company also launched the CADT stablecoin, which is tied to the Canadian dollar.

CUSD stablecoin

The CUSD stablecoin is tied to the United States dollar, and the main goal behind this new coin is to facilitate trade between Canada and the United States.

BVIC is the largest enterprise in the industry, and the company projects are often regarded as game-changers.

The introduction of the CUSD stablecoin is an attempt to make the cryptocurrency communities in Canada, and the United States work better together. This new altcoin will present better trade opportunities and will make the crypto industry in both countries work in unison. 

To make the altcoin even more secure, BVIC has entrusted a financial institution in the United States with the escrow management of the CUSD stablecoin.

About BVIC

The CUSD stablecoin is just the latest project of BVIC. The company has secured a place in the top blockchain enterprises in Canda because it constantly outputs valuable products for their customers.

The core goals of the company are to boost blockchain and cryptocurrency research in the country, and also to provide easy access to blockchain services. 

BVIC has released a plethora of products in the field. The company has its own mobile payment processing system called BvcPay, and a decentralized, open-source blockchain network called BVC-Chain.

With the introduction of both the CUSD and the CADT stablecoin, BVIC is looking to strengthen its positioning in the market, and offer customers even more services.

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