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Cryptoradar is a cryptocurrency price and exchange comparison platform that allows clients to track different cryptocoins, their prices, as well as compare and contrasts their rates at different exchanges. The platform also has a much more massive and diverse set of tools to assist customers in their trading pursuits, including reviews, a tutorial guide page, a blog and many more. 


The online arena for price comparison and currency tracking platforms isn’t quite as full as it could be. Cryptoradar does compete with other more established brands such as Cointracking.com. However, the platform does have a more slick and embellished website than most other brands in the market, as well as straightforward and linear navigation for the pages. Built into the platform alongside the price tracking and comparison functionalities are a whole host of other benefits. For beginners to the trading space, the website offers simple and easy-to-understand guides that lay out the process of acquiring different digital currencies. The service also keeps track of over forty currency exchange firms, giving newcomers to the game a bird’s eye view of the benefits and drawbacks of every exchange there is. 

Tools and features it offers

How to register

Clients are given the choice of registering through their email account, facebook account or twitter account. The process is quick and strain-free. After choosing a username, submitting one’s email ID and then choosing his password, one would then need to pass a captcha test before being registered into the platform. 

Tutorials and blog

The website comes incorporated with a short blog page that contains a pool of knowledge and information pertaining to the digital currency industry. For experienced traders, some of the blog articles could help amplify the current market trends and expound on the intricacies of the trade. Meanwhile, beginners to the game stand to gain much more from the quality content presented in the blog, which essentially serves a broader view of the trading space. Alongside the blog page, the website also helps direct clients to a vast storehouse of knowledge and information from other relevant websites, in a page titled, ‘collections’. This page contains relevant questions and topics central to the crypto market, along with links that lead to websites that further expand on those topics. 

Buying guides

As mentioned prior to this, the service does have in depth and detailed guides that take clients through the experience of purchasing different digital currencies. These guides are complete with a detailed analysis of each currency, the process of registration, as well as screenshots to take clients through the entire process. 

The platform’s reach

One of the major advantages that this service poses over others in the market, is its more substantial reach in terms of currencies as well as exchanges. The site offers clients the chance to explore over forty leading exchange firms, while also providing reviews attached to the firms. The platform claims to pore through nearly six hundred exchange rates within a minute, giving clients unprecedented coverage of the crypto sector. This amount of influence and reach would certainly benefit the more experienced traders that operate on the razor’s edge of the exchange game. 

Online reviews

The platform hasn’t seen the level of exposure and public influence that other leading cryptocurrency services have. As a result, the only reviews it’s acquired are producthunt.com, where it’s racked up a solid five-star rating based on four reviews.

Benefits of Cryptoradar

As mentioned, the platform’s essential benefits seem to be tied to its website and navigation, as well as the number of exchange firms that it covers.

Other services similar to Cryptoradar

Although there is room for growth in this arena, there are many widely known cryptocurrency tracking and comparison websites. Some more well-known players include Cointracking, Cryptocompare, Delta and blockfolio. They primarily compete with CryptoCompare.com, Revain.org, BestBitcoinExchange.io and BittyBot.co.


1) It covers over forty exchanges and all major currencies

2) It has a blog page and a knowledge base for newcomers to leverage from

3) The website is updated and easy-to-use 

4) The registration process is quick and free


1) The lack of more advanced software to assist in trading could let the more experienced traders down


Cryptoradar is one of a few other well-known, established platforms in this particular field. However, it manages to carve out a more specific niche for itself through the blog extension as well as the additional knowledge-house that it maintains. The service also manages to stay self-contained and focus on what it means to offer, giving customers the chance to track and compare exchanges and prices. This makes the platform stand out in a competitive and tight market.

As with all crypto information and transaction, do your own due diligence.


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