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Before the arrival of cryptocurrencies and fast financial systems, online gambling was never as smooth and exciting as it is today. But we must admit, splurging your hard-earned cryptocurrencies for entertainment does come with its difficulties when done online. Just like the extravagant casinos out in the cities, online casinos also come with their best outlooks that sometimes can be a bit too flashy for your eyes. The current designs of the casinos often time cover up for their lack of security protocols, protective measures for the users and so much more. So, it gets tough to locate a genuine online casino that will guide you through the revolutionary entertainment medium with sheer honesty. However, if you look hard enough, there will be a few rare finds that will serve you a lifetime of experience and entertainment, all in one go. One such example of a rare find is, CryptoGames

With the latest and updated versions of systems, CryptoGames is running under the Curacao government’s complete guidelines. Along with swift transactions using well developed cryptocurrencies, the casino offers a lucrative pool of thrilling games and an impressive protected interface. These remarkable traits and more CryptoGames most likely one of the best established crypto-based casinos in the market.

Setting Examples with the Best Services

CryptoGames offers the most fascinating pool of casino games with clear and effective instructions for smooth gameplay. Though CryptoGames had a modest start a few years ago, it has now, grown rapidly in all its ways to become the first online casino to enable financial transactions using Solana along with 9 other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, to engage the players in supportive interactions, the casino has a live chat box facility that allows you to communicate with others. Also, the arrangement of CryptoGames’ website is highlighted with its sophisticated interface for simpler and smoother navigation from any type of device. The casino’s refined architecture is monitored and operated by a team of diligent experts.  

Play with the Top Cryptocurrencies

For the 9 games the casino offers, you will get to use 10 widely favored cryptocurrencies on the market. These cryptocurrencies make sure you have a fair chance to win tenfold as well!  The distinct variations of the following cryptocurrencies- Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, and Dash; have made the financial system broad and flexible. 

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On top of that, to allow you to explore every single game on the website for free, you will have the access to “Play Money”.  With this one, you can shake off your fear of having any loss of actual coins before you thoroughly learn the ways of the games. This way when you wager with actual funds, you will know exactly how to spend them. 

As you become a fully registered account holder at the casino, you will see these minimum scales for deposit and withdrawal for your crypto coins. For instance, the minimum deposit for  Solana is 0.001, Bitcoin is 0.0001; for Ether, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash it is 0.01; while for Ether Classic and GAS it is 0.02; it is 0.001 for Bitcoin Cash, and 20 for Dogecoin. And the lowest amount of withdrawal is the same for all, starting at 0.0005 BTC or altcoins.

Exchange Coins with ChangeNow

Exchange altcoins to the cryptocurrencies supported at CryptoGames through ChangeNow – a highly recommended cryptocurrency exchange platform. It guarantees swift transactions and a plethora of altcoins to exchange from. This means, even if you are not a user of the 10 available cryptocurrencies at the casino, you can still convert or exchange using your ones in a jiffy. The platform has about 300 coins available for exchange. It does not have any exchange limits so you can exchange any amount necessary. You also do not need to create an account to be able to use the platform. 

Wager with the Best 9 Games:

At CryptoGames, you are brought the best 9 games to play at any casino. The games are digitalized into individual contemporary gems that make sure you are never bored at this place. Starting from the top, you have Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker, DiceV2, and Lottery. The games’ set is a rewarding pool to test out your luck and gambling potential. And if you are a beginner, then you can always look out for the simple and comprehensible guides for each of the 9 games. The detailed explanations of the payout tables or the games’ objective will be available right at the top tabs section.


The classic game Dice, modernized into a captivating and entertaining version for all levels of players. What you need to do for winning the game, is guess the outcome of your roll correctly. Between two shown numbers, select the number you think will be returned in the outcome. The two numbers shown will range between 0.000 and 99.999. You can also run and personalize multiple bets at one go with the “Auto Bet” feature during each turn. 


The game has been designed with the sleekest outlook that represents a classic Slots machine. Slot comes with a 49.73% probability of winning for each spin. 

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The 5-reel slot game is not only one of the easiest games ever to understand, but it is also highly profitable since earning any of the 7 winning combinations guarantees great prize money. 


You can win your way through this fascinatingly classic card game, by beating the house dealer’s hand. It is often known as 21 around the gambling world. So the objective of the game also calls for a win if you can form a total of 21 with the first two cards you draw. Or if you let your house dealer cross 21 while keeping yours under the number. From options to Split, Surrender, and Double Down, you can choose anyone during the game. 


To win your way through the spinning wheel of Roulette, you must stack your betting chips in the right places. Since this is a European version of the game, you will get more profits than the American version for each win. 

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The amounts you can bet for Roulette are the same as the amounts for the Blackjack. Since there is only one 0 on the wheel, you can use the preset neighbors to stack your chips on the betting board. 

Video Poker

Better than ever, Video Poker is one of the most simple yet advanced card games to play at any casino. The game offers 3 varieties called Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker to play in each round. The improved version of the Video Poker increases the chances of winning a royal flush are about 1:40,390.


It comes with the same betting limits as Roulette and Blackjack. Plinko is one of the most old school gambling games that was televised in the 1980s. To win the game, you must drop a colored ball into one of the rewarding slots located at the bottom of the pyramid. Since the pyramid is a pegged one, the thrill builds up from the moment the ball is released from the top. You will be picking the color of the ball before you play. 


In this casino, the rules for Minesweeper are the same as the original game however with a few twists. You will not be given any hints for where the mines might be hidden. This means the difficulty level is quite challenging. But, to make the game easier for beginners, the casino allows everyone to choose their difficulty levels for the minefield. If you can avoid hitting mines until you reach a good amount of reward, you can cash it out and quit the game then and there.


If you’ve ever wished for a more advanced version of the Dice game, then you will be delighted to know that DiceV2 is completely revamped in and out. You can also customize how your dice will roll for multiple rounds using the Auto Bet feature. Just as the original version, it comes with a greater range and higher accuracy of potential outcomes. Before you predict the outcome of your roll, move the slider left or right to adjust the win chance. If your Dice lands within the green zone of the bar, you win.


Made with a modern touch, it can be played with 4 of the 10 cryptocurrencies. You can use  Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin to buy your tickets from “Purchase Tickets”. There are two fortunate chances of winning since lottery draws are held twice every week. One on Wednesday and the other on Saturday. You can buy a maximum of 10000 lottery tickets for each lottery round where every round is limited to 50000 lottery tickets. Since Lottery has no house edge, the entire amount of the money raised through the ticket sales will be paid out to the three lucky winners.

API for the Games

CryptoGames has included the facility of using the API to play any of their games. To enable the API function, simply go to “API” under the “Your Account” tab, then click on the “Generate New Personal API Key” button. Then, once you get the key, use it while initializing your gambling application. More details on how to use the API can be found on the casino’s website. 

Guaranteed Protection

CryptoGames highly values your privacy, and especially the security of your funds at any cost. The team behind the casino uses high-tech and high-toned protocols to ensure the safest transaction systems along with user data protection. The two-factor confirmation system enabled through SSL encryption and google 2FA backs up the security system from all sides. Because of these elevated safety features, gamblers at CryptoGames do not have to worry about being scammed into anything shady. From time to time, all these measures are altered and updated to match the latest security expectations. Through constant, vigorous, effective, and creative maintenance the user interface of the casino also ensures total security from the top. 

Fair Probabilities to Win

CryptoGames is an impartial casino that returns fair results to all. Through the years, the casino has been ensuring an equitable probability of winning for all the players on the website. You can find the most efficient ways to track and confirm if your bet results have been processed fairly using hashes and seeds. The casino provides simple and clear guidelines through which you can check the hashes and client seeds. At the corner or bottom of each game, you will find the betting history for the games for each ongoing round. If you want to see how your lottery draws were generated, you can always check out the public information tab that CryptoGames has created under the game’s section. All of these measures make the whole experience of winning and receiving rewards as transparent as it can get.

One example of how CryptoGames produces unbiased and completely randomized results for the bets, you can look at their addition called RandomPicker. The third-party generating system ensures it impartially draws lotteries for every round, twice a week. 

Features to Enhance your Experience

Real-time features like the auto bet feature, chatbox, and rewarding features at CryptoGames make gambling a lot more fun than the regular online casinos. We all know gambling with regular currencies has somewhat lesser thrill and excitement than wagering with cryptocurrencies. But at the same time, it can get a little too intense if you don’t have a supportive community around you or a lighthearted environment surrounding you. So, keeping all of this in mind, CryptoGames has created a unique chat box that gets better every time you use it! You can not only share your cryptocurrencies with others by tipping them but also share and purchase lottery tickets using the feature. Through engaging in the chatbox, you will contribute to creating one of the friendliest crypto gambling websites on the internet. You can find more fun and useful chatbox commands in the casino’s FAQ sections if you want to make the best use of the feature by yourself. 

All the more, every registered player can freely play and test out the games using Play Money that they can earn through the “faucet” feature. This means you can play the games without the possibility of losing anything from your wallet until you are confident enough. The rewarding features always start at level zero and increase as you spend more active days on the casino. The more you wager on the website, the more you contribute in the chatbox or overall casino environment, the higher your player level and rewarding features will be. 

Compete for Bigger Rewards

If you have thought that competing against other players with your betting skills for bigger rewards and privileges will make gambling more fun, then CryptoGames is the right place for you to be at. Gambling gets even better in this casino due to all the fierce monthly betting competitions. Build up your skills and polish your strategies with the highly competitive contests to take home bigger profits and month-long privileges. Through winning the competitions, you have the opportunity to win VIP tags and facilities on the website for complete 30 days. Apart from the cool VIP tags, the champions of the far-reaching challenges get to relish more profitable house edges, server speed and VIP access to the VIP chatroom, and a generous amount worth of Bitcoin for their birthday. 

Thoughtful Gambling Policies

While the fair security and gaming policies in CryptoGames are equally applicable for all the players, the responsible gambling policies ensure utmost support for the gamblers on board. Before thinking about its profit, CryptoGames focuses on the betterment of each player it has earned to date. All of the users are equally attended to for any queries or issues. This means, reaching out to and connecting with the helpline regarding any case of inconvenience can be completed without going through any extra hurdles. And if in any case,  you find yourself too engrossed in the fun, or you have started to develop an unhealthy attraction towards the thrill of gambling, you can always reach out for help. The casino has added many policies to help you sort out your thoughts and responsibly use your time and potential. Two of their responsible gambling policies are discussed below:

The Time Out Policy

If it is necessary for you to take a break from gaming on the website, then the casino will provide several options to help you control your time there.

Time out policy enables you to take a short break from gambling without removing your account data. It gives you the freedom to choose how long you would like to refrain from gambling. You can do this by choosing to suspend access to your CryptoGames Account for 1-30 days. During this period the casino will lock you out from playing any of the games on the Website. This will also block you from using any feature of the Website for the period you have set. The time-out policy will not let you reverse the process during the chosen period.

The Self Exclusion Policy

If in any case, you feel the need for a longer break from gambling at the casino, then you can freely choose to self-exclude. The Self-exclusion policy works by closing your CryptoGames account for a minimum period of six months, one year, three years, or even five years. Once activated, the policy will not allow you to reactivate your account under any circumstances during the exclusion period. And as far as the funds are concerned, any amount of unused funds will be returned to your account balance when the policy is activated.

Unbeatable Experience of Gambling

Even today, an online casino where you can start your casino experience immediately by dropping just a unique username is still a dream for many. But gladly, we are here to tell you that CryptoGames exists. And you no longer have to dream about finding the perfect crypto-based casino, online! CryptoGames have opened its door for all the adventurous crowd of gamblers, with the fastest registration process and praiseworthy architecture. With all its glory the most secure, most reliable, and most rewarding crypto casino is here to rule over the gambling industry for as many days as possible. It has not only won over the internet with simple yet undeniably elegant visuals and unmatched game sets but also proved its worth by promoting safe gambling. Gamblers from various parts of the world have gathered here daily to bless their gambling luck through the amazingly crafted 9 games. As the profit margin rises for the players each day, the casino’s reputation among crypto gamblers keeps reaching its peak. Thus, it is only fair to say that you do not have to look too far or too deep into the web to find your perfect match for an unbeatable experience in gambling. CryptoGames is just a click away. And it is always welcoming everyone in for the best crypto gambling experience. 

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