Cryptocurrency podcasts are raising the crypto coins popularity

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  • Podcasts are the future of journalism.
  • Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan are starting their own podcast company.
  • The Missing crypto Queen has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Cryptocurrency podcasts are raising the crypto coins popularity

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Podcasting, as of recently, has grown in popularity, and many have suggested that podcasting is the future of journalism. Podcasting is an easy way to consume information on the go.

Many Millenials are on the go people and are the people of today. Millennials are the business starters, the ones making things happen in companies, and need to consume information that will help them push for the future they have to help create.

Podcasts are such an excellent tool for helping people understand complicated phenomena and are ideal because they can be fun. Podcasts create room for debate and for people to ponder about what the future holds.

Audio is not limited because you cannot see it but opens up a whole new world where everything can be described and brought to life via sound waves, which can be blasted at any moment.  Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, have shed light on the significance of podcasting.

The couple has opted to create a platform to help people by offering diverse perspectives via podcasting. The pair have launched a company called Archwell Audio, which will partner with Spotify to uplift the world.

In a statement, the couple said they love how podcasts encourage you to take a moment to listen and to connect, and that now is the best time to do that. There are many podcasts in the crypto world that aim to inspire people to delve into the crypto phenomenon.


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People who love cryptocurrency love it a lot, there is no middle ground. The fact that crypto is so different and such an alternative to the old ways (reserve currency) means that once you convert, there is no turning back.

The path of digital currency is one exempt from inflation, where you do not need to worry about the choices banks make, and one which can be quite profitable. There are so many positives to explore, you could venture into how efficient the system is as it is a peer to peer one.

A podcaster could focus on how secure the system is or the variety of things that the blockchain which houses the currencies does. Altcoin blockchains can be used to bust fake news, protect secret information such as health records, or even be a platform for streaming.

Many emerging podcasts have been doing their part to bolster the popularity of altcoins. Let’s peer at one which has gained quite the following.

The missing crypto Queen

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A mysterious podcast that certainly raises awareness around the crypto legacy is called the missing crypto queen and is a BBC sounds podcast. The podcast describes the story of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, who released a coin called OneCoin and had 3 million people join within two years, making her rich and famous, only for her to disappear suddenly.

The show is based around BBC journalist Jamie Bartlett and his mission to find the missing crypto legend. It has a mystic vibe to it as it gets listeners to question where the businesswoman went.

The Onecoin was a Ponzi scheme that existed only to gather people’s millions, so was fraudulent activity. The show exposes the corruption within the crypto industry and opens people’s minds to the fact that altcoins exist.

The podcast was downloaded almost 4 million times and reached number one on iTunes last year.

There are so many angles you can explore with podcasts, good or bad, the growing popularity of crypto podcasts makes crypto more relevant.

Creating a podcast is such an easy thing to do via Apple, Spotify, or even YouTube. Why not find your crypto topic to discuss and dare to share the impact the currency has on your life.

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